Meet Lucy

If you follow me on Instagram I'm sure this little puppy face will be familiar to you. This is my family's new baby German Shepherd! Her name is Lucy and she's 30 pounds and 3 months old. She is such a little trouble maker. Like chewing up all of the padding underneath the rugs and snagging my moms pajama tops to put in her cage but she is oh so adorable at the same time. It's basically impossible to stay mad at her for more than a minute. 

As some of my older readers know, we had a German Shepherd before named Scout who sadly passed away 2 years ago from bone cancer. We swore "no replacements", but soon we realized that Lucy would never replace Scout but instead, she's a new addition to our family. And of course, Scout isn't forgotten or replaced.  

Lucy is fitting well in our crazy house of animals. With our other dog, Gunny, she is constant;y trying to play with him and she's always chasing our 4 cats around the house. Things have definitely gotten more hectic, but  the hectic-ness that comes with a new puppy isn't all bad.