Top: H&M, Skirt: Pac Sun, Shoes: Thrifted, Ring: H&M
There's something so perfect about a stretchy black maxi skirt for lazy days. Pair that with a loose crop top and minimal makeup and you're all set for a day of laziness on the couch and a quick trip to the grocery store, am I right? Although it's Spring and I usually prefer bright colors over neutrals during this time of the year sometimes it's nice to slip on things that can be easily paired together. 

Things have been super slow lately, and I can already feel myself itching to head back to Philadelphia, or at least have more of a social schedule. Honestly, Derek and I have been spending a lot of time together at my house after not seeing each other very much throughout the school year and it's been so wonderful just being lazy all day with him. (Let's not discuss then number of seasons we have gotten through in 'The Office") But, at some point I suppose I start having to be overly sociable once again. 

Speaking of Derek, he finally got his first job in his field and his graduation ceremony is in a week and a half!  Next school year I'll be writing a weekly column in my school's paper and I'm, just so excited about our futures. Here's to so much more!

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