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Prom Part II

Here's more prom pictures! Sorry for the slow updates! This is the last two weeks of school so its busy busy busy! I can't wait for summer though. :-) Tomorrow is my birthday! I'll be 17 so I'll be sure to put up a birthday post!

Getting ready before prom! Haha.

My mom helping me get ready before. :-) I couldn't get my shoes on in that dress!


  1. How niiiiice!! You should post more pics from your prom!:P Happy b-day for tomorrow!! :P

  2. you have such a beautifull mom!!!

    Green looked so cool on you.sooo spring(but I guess I already said this before).

    You reminded me of my prom that was a year ago;)Oh ,I miss it!!


  3. OMG! YOu look super gorgeous! I love that color on you! :) ANd wowzerrrr. I love your hair toooooo! You are sooo pretty. :)

    I can't wait for prom. haha. I missed out this year.

    and happy bday. :)


  4. Great pictures! your mom is so cute! Happy early birthday! :)

  5. aww you look so amazing, happy birthday!

  6. Anonymous5/20/2010

    Hey thanks for posting this post! I was so inspired by your hair do, and so i'm gonna do my hair like that too for my 17th bday dinner! Thanks a lot, Chelsea :)

  7. OMG you were so pretty at your prom ^^. You looked like a disney princess!!! <3

  8. wauw you look beautiful!
    i like your blog =D
    stay tuned indeed!


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