Privacy Policy

Chelsea Finn operates ("Organized Mess") and may operate other websites. It is our policy to respect your privacy and we have outlined how data is stored and collected when you visit Organized Mess in the Privacy Policy below.


The only personal information that we collect is what you give us. When you sign up for our mailing list, leave a comment or choose to contact us by email you may be elected to give your personal identifiable information such as name, email address, geographic location or other information that could be used to contact you.


As stated above, when you sign up for our weekly mailing list you are sharing your email address as well as your name with us. This information is not shared with any other businesses and the information is stored in mailchimp. You may choose to unsubscribe at any time by selecting the "unsubscribe" option in the emails.


Names and email addresses are collected if you choose to leave a comment on a blog post. Your email address may be used to contact you back about a specific comment but will not be used for any other purpose nor will it be added to any mailing lists.


Please note that Google Analytics is installed on this site. Through cookies, we gather information on audience, acquisition, behavior and conversion rates. This information is used to make determinations about marketing and blog content.

Who Do We Share Your Info With? 

Names and email addresses are not shared with any third party websites. General demographic information is occasionally shared when it comes to brand sponsorships and collaborations but we never share specific names, email addresses or IP addresses.

Data Retention 

Data is stored in Google Analytics for 50 months. Comments, IP addresses and names are stored indefinitely. Mailing List data is only stored until you opt out of being on the mailing list.


Organized Mess uses affiliate links. This means that if you click on or purchase an items through a link on this website we may receive a small commission for the item purchased or reviewed.


Organized Mess works directly with brands on occasion to bring sponsored content. Any sponsored post will be disclosed within the post itself.


This website holds links to outside websites but Chelsea Finn has no responsibility over those sites. Please review their privacy policies for any concerns.

If you have any concerns please contact Chelsea Finn at