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The July Edit

You know that point in the summer where all of the summery things start to go on sale and even though summer has barely started you already feel like it's over? That's kind of where I'm at right now. Logically, I know summer is not even half way over but as I continue to shop for ligh…

A Casual 4th of July Look

Who else can't believe July 4th is already tomorrow!? Summer just started but I already feel like it's just flying by. I've squeezed in 1 trip so far (a bachelorette party in Savannah - so fun!) and a beach day to Asbury Park but I feel like I haven't done enough summery things yet…

Adding Bright Colors to Your Wardrobe

One thing I've been really into again? Bold and bright colors! After a long winter of neutrals and maroon (lots and lots of maroon) I've been gravitating towards color again! This year I've been good about not impulse shopping but this sweater was, in fact, an impulse purchase. It was …
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