Kate Spade: Cat Lady

Monday, July 27, 2015

My obsession with cat-related accessories and clothing isn't exactly a secret. I'm sort of cat obsessed in general and I love quirky accents to outfits. Kate Spade always has the cutest accessories to add on as well as the best statement pieces! I've been carrying around my lemon bag all summer and I'm swooning over all of these kitty-themed pieces! 

Happy Monday!

Summers Past

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Last summer I was obsessed with red, white and blue. Like, I think about 95% of my outfits were within this color scheme. Full skirts and high-waisted shorts were a strong consistency and I was always drawn straight towards vintage-styles. I'll probably forever be obsessed with nautical, vintage themed outfits and clothing but the summer of 2014 was all about both of these things. My go-to shopping spots were LOFT, Express, Ruche, Jack Wills and local boutiques. 

Dresses, dresses, dresses. I was so dressed up all the time this summer. Perhaps it's because it was before I moved to Philadelphia permanently and I would spend the summer driving around instead of biking and walking like I do now. It's easier to wear heels and shorter dresses when you're not constantly on the move. Also, look at those cowboy boots! This was probably the last summer I ever wore those. My go-to shopping spots were Urban Outfitters, Francesca's, Target and New York & Company. 

My first summer after living in a city for the first time for school! I was feeling super experimental this summer. Looking at these past photos from my blog, I don't even see much of a theme from this summer other than the constant reoccurrence of my antique necklace collection (wow - am I 80 years old?) I was missing the city this summer while I was home and was constantly pushing myself to mix patterns/textures and styles. My go-to shopping spots were flea markets, Pac-Sun, H&M, Target and Gap.

Oh, I remember this summer so well even though it feels like lifetimes ago! It was the summer after graduating from high school and I hadn't really been to Philadelphia or a big city yet! My only sources of inspiration were through screens thanks to street style photography and other fashion bloggers. As you can see, I've always tried to incorporate a sort of vintage influence in my outfit choices. My go-to shopping spots were H&M, Forever 21, American Eagle and Wet Seal. 

What kind of changes have you seen in your personal style these last few years? It's easy to feel embarrassed about past fashion decisions but remember - what is fashion and personal style without room for growth and the ability to experiment and change?

Jumpsuit Season

Monday, July 20, 2015

Jumpsuit LOFT (On Sale Now!) Sunglasses & Necklace LOFT Sandals NEW LOOK 

I've always been a dress girl thanks to the fact that dresses are girly and are essentially a whole outfit in one. Now, I can't get enough of rompers or jumpsuits! They can also be just as girly as a dress and it's an entire outfit in one. The best part? You don't have to worry so much about how windy it's going to be or if your skirt seems too short for work. I'm in love with the pop of orange in the floral design (and the price, um, currently less than $50!) Jumpsuits are super easy to run around the city in, especially on days when you're running errands and meeting up with friends for drinks afterwards. 

Below are a few more affordable jumpsuit options!

Banana Republic, Ruche, Cupcakes and Cashmere (Via Nordstrom), BB Dakota (Via Calico)

How are you feeling about the jumpsuit trend?

Just Like Driving On An Open Highway, Never Knowing What We're Gonna Find

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dress LOFT Shoes NEW LOOK Hat Urban Outfitters (similar) Purse Urban Outfitters (similar), Lipstick Cruella by NARS

Ever since I got back from studying in London and traveling Europe I constantly feel a need to keep moving and to have small "adventures" in local places right here in Pennsylvania. I've always had a hard time staying still, which is a major reason why I moved to the city after high school but now I feel the need to just see as much as possible. Maybe that's what wanderlust is all about, even when you don't have the means to travel too far.

A few weeks ago Derek and I traveled to Columcille Megalith Park. The stone structure reminded us of a mini stonehedge. The park is unique in the fact that it's considered a spiritual place and no pets, camp fires or even picnics are allowed. In all honestly, I was nervous that it was wrong for us to take pictures in the park! But of course, we went along with it anyways after seeing other groups of people taking pictures as well. The park is located in Eastern Pennsylvania in the Appalachian mountains so it ended up being a beautiful, quiet day. I strongly recommend this park if you're ever in the area and need a place to go for quiet meditation or to clear your mind. As much as I love the city and living in Philadelphia, it's nice to escape for the day every once in awhile. 

This dress from LOFT is currently on heavy rotation. (And it's on sale now!) I could wear it every single day and be perfectly content. I'm such a sucker for anything gingham, checked or plaid. (I  have this top in mind for my next purchase.) It's also cute with flats, sandals and heels which is always a win-win! While I was in London, New Look was my go-to for any kind of sandals and I actually ordered these after getting back to the States and had them shipped here. I'm so obsessed with platform sandals this summer, they add a good amount of height and aren't too difficult to walk on thanks to the width of the heel. 

What's currently on rotation in your closet? And what kind of mini adventures have you being going on? 
Photos by Derek