Friday Favorites: Ralph & Russo S/S Couture 2016

As mentioned in my last post, Valentine's Day is coming up soon. So, what could be better than to take some romantic inspiration from one of the recent S/S Couture shows? The Ralph & Russo Spring Summer Couture 2016 show was full of romance. Made up of pastel shades, floral appliques, feathers and sheer pieces - the entire show was absolutely swoon-worthy. And not only was the show romantic - it was also trendy. The mix of textures, the bodysuit incorporated into some of the looks and the reoccurring cape dress screamed trends of 2016.

Valentine's Day: 7 Lingerie Picks Under $100

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Whether you're looking for a classic new bra, lacy lingerie or silky new PJ's - here are my top picks. Because when is a better time to purchase something pretty for yourself? Significant other or not, here's to treating yourself to something you deserve. 

1. The bra that you can wear as an accessory. 
I would almost be tempted to wear a dress with a low-cut back just to show off the straps of this bra. I've heard it also works well with tops/dresses that are low cut underneath the arms and shoulders. With the fun strap design, there's no need to try and hide this undergarment. 

2. The lingerie that feels festive for the holiday. 
Most days I would choose something that seems a little more practical or classic, but why not get a little festive for the most romantic holiday of the year? The halter top and lace add a unique touch to this slip. 

3. The fitted bodysuit. 
This bodysuit would be easy to hide underneath your clothes all day long! The lace adds a little more cheekiness to this otherwise classic bodysuit. The low-cut scoop in the back also adds a sweet surprise. 

4. Something Pretty
I love a good satin or silk robe. Throw it on in the morning or in the evening and it adds a sense of sexiness, even if you're just at home watching Netflix. Also, how pretty is this white and pale green combo!?

5. Something pink. 
This cutesy slip comes in so many different colors, but the pink is perfect for V-Day. This slip is cute, comfy, classic and sexy all at once. 

6. The bra that is pretty and supportive. 
We all know how hard it can be to find a bra that is supportive and pretty but Designer Intimates does a great job at offering a variety of pretty and supportive choices. This bra comes in loads of different colors but I love the black - such a sexy and classic piece. 

7. A sheer pajama set instead of sweats. 
I love sweats as much as any other gal, but sometimes it's fun to change up your pajamas and this sheer delicate combo will make switching up your usual pajama routine fun.

Tuesday Tunes

The first Tuesday of each month I will be taking a break from my Two for Tuesday series and sharing Tuesday Tunes. So, essentially just a few of my the songs I'm currently obsessing over. It's funny how my preference for music changes drastically depending on the season or month. I've been loving slower, indie-folk or singer-songwriter music lately. Below, listen to the nostalgic, Shiver by Lucy Rose, the upbeat Back to You by Twin Forks, the bittersweet Poison & Wine by the Civil Wars and the genius cover-medley of Home/Paws by Gardiner Sisters and a few more of my favorites. 

I finally got Spotify and I'm sort of obsessed. I don't know what took me so long to get on this spotify train! 

Friday Favorites: Elie Saab S/S Couture 2016

I'm overwhelmed by all of the insanely gorgeous S/S 2016 Couture shows going on right now. I'm loving all the shades of lilacs and blues with neutrals thrown in. There is something so refreshing about a Spring/Summer show in the midst of wintertime. I may be bundled in scarves and layers right now but I am dreaming of a spring wardrobe even if it doesn't include breath-taking fairytale-esque gowns like these. But a girl can dream, can't she? Here's a few of my favorites from Elie Saab S/S 2016 show! You can view the full show HERE

Travel Log: Amsterdam

I dreamed about walking down the canal-lined streets of Amsterdam for years before I got the opportunity to go last spring. Tulips, pretty architecture and cobble-stoned sidewalks filled my mind. This was the place that Derek and I would go for our honeymoon one day, you know, if we ever get married. But the opportunity arose months ago for us to go during Spring Break, and hey, why wait?(Now: We have decided that if we ever decide to get married, we are going to travel through Italy - but hey, who knows - maybe we will get a chance to do that long before that time comes anyway). 
After spending our 36 hours in Paris, we packed our bags and hopped on the train to head to the Netherlands. The train was comfortable and we were excited to arrive in Amsterdam in a few short hours when suddenly our train broke down. All of the directions were being told in French and Dutch, so Derek and I had no idea what was going on. We just knew to grab our bags from the overhead compartment when the train conductors started to wave their hands for everyone to get off. We were in the middle of nowhere in the Netherlands at this point and none of the people working seemed to know what was going on and if there would be another bus/new train headed to Amsterdam so we walked to a nearby train station that a few others were walking to ahead of us and hopped on a smaller regional rail-subway hybrid and kept our fingers crossed that we would end up in Amsterdam. We did. We got there late that night but we arrived at Central Station and we hurried to our Air BnB. Here's a glimpse of how we spent those few fun days....
As soon we woke up in the morning, we headed off in a search for dutch pancakes! We found - and devoured - them at Pancake Amsterdam.

We spent an afternoon at the Rijksmuseum, one of the biggest museums I have ever been to. Afterwards, we stopped and took photos by the I Amsterdam letters. 

We also went to the Van Gogh Museum (pictured above), the Stedelijk museum, as well as the Anne Frank House. Our Amsterdam trip was filled with museum trips. 

This was easily one of my favorite parts about our trip to Amsterdam! We biked through Vondelpark, where we got to see a few tulips starting to bloom.

We went to do some sight-seeing, we looked for big monuments like the Royal Palace of Amsterdam and also searched for local spots. 

We also went ahead and did the Heineken Experience too!

You never know what to expect when traveling. Trains break down. Directions are given but in a language that you can't speak. And then a plan B isn't always given to you by the people who work for the train that just broke down. So you just gotta wing it sometimes. But the great moments after that are what making traveling so worth it. Plus, these little moments are what create experiences and future stories you can tell and remember. Because, think about it - is anything ever really that interesting if something doesn't go wrong or at least unplanned?

You can read about the first part of our spring break in London, HERE and then our 36 Hours in Paris HERE