Friday, July 29, 2016

Beach Day at Cape May, NJ

Last week Derek and I took a day trip to my favorite New Jersey beach, Cape May. The weather was perfect. It was hot and humid with a slight breeze in the air. We laid out on the beach for hours after spending nearly an hour in the water attempting to not get knocked over by the waves. Did I ever mention that I can't swim? Seriously. And the sad thing is I grew up 15 minutes from the beach in North Carolina. I know, it doesn't make any sense that I was never able to learn! Oh well, I still take the risk and "swim" in the ocean anyway. Plus, one of the best parts about being at the beach is laying in the sand, listening to music or reading a good book. We packed lunch and ate on the beach, enjoying the sunshine. Afterwards, we strolled through the little town. Stopping in shops that sold little knick knacks and the usual beach souvenirs. I stopped to buy fudge, because what's a trip to the beach without bringing home a little bit of fudge? I opted for peanut butter-chocolate and rocky road, my favorites. We also stopped for a bite to eat at the Blue Pig before driving home. We split a plate of fries and each got an appetizer. Derek went with the baked mac n' cheese (and I may have stolen for than a few bites...) while I decided on a fresh summer squash salad topped with feta cheese. It felt nice to have a little getaway, even if it was just for a day. Where is your go-to getaway place during the summer?
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