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Wednesday Wishlist: Lavender

Hello, spring! I love the fresh start of springtime. There's something extra refreshing about the start of this season now that the days are getting longer and sunnier. The other great thing about a change in season is the wardrobe refresh that comes along with it. I'm feeling more than re…

Favorite Color Combo: Maroon and Black

Since it's March I'm probably supposed to be sharing outfit ideas full of colors like lilac and yellows but here we are with another winter look. I live in Philadelphia which means it's still freezing out! I can still feel spring coming (hello, longer days!) but for now turtlenecks and…

February Favorites

Um, hello, March! Did February fly by for everyone else? I know it's the shortest month but it seemed to zip by faster than usual. I meant to post my February Edit last week but time got away from me so here we are. Below are a few of my favorite pieces I've been eyeing all month long. I a…
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