Top 5: Nation of Two - Vance Joy


My favorite Aussie artist, Vance Joy, released his sophomore album, Nation of Two, last month! The relaxing melodies and hopeful lyrics keep me listening over and over again but there are a few standout songs that I'll probably continue to add to multiple playlists. 

You were in the shower, we were talking through the glass. Packing up your suitcase, you were humming to yourself. One day you were smiling, I could tell by how you sounded on the phone. You said, "I'm coming home, babe." 

Darling, there's a place that I wanna run with you. We're going home. If we make it or we don't, we won't be alone. When I see your light shine, I know I'm home. If you're waiting all your life, you won't ever go. When I see your light shine, I know I'm home. 

And sometime around one we fell asleep to escape from the sun and we woke up to the sound of a storm outside. We stood at your front door, you looked at me and said "baby, this rain changes everything". And my heart ran away from me. I was just coasting till we met. You remind me of how good it can get. 

I saw you smile, I knew you had spirit. Oh, won't let your colors run. Isn't it odd, the way we try to tell ourselves we got limits. / You're the shape of my days, you're my holy place and I know everything's good. Everything's just as it should be when you're alone with me, everything's good. 

You were the one to visit my darkness. You were the brightest way. You dropped the stone into the well. We'd wait for the sound it made. When it got quiet, you could hear your heart. Tell me, what did it say? I was a bird, you opened the cafe. It felt like a clean white page. You came along. You light up my days. 
Image: Justin Bettman/Atlantic Records via Billboard

Wednesday Wishlist: Easter Edition


Can you guys believe Easter Sunday is only a few weeks away? Our Easter is fairly low key but nonetheless I tend to pick up a new outfit for the occasion. Mostly just because I'm excited to shop for spring. Here are a few of my current spring picks!

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What occasion are you shopping for next? 

Thinking Spring


This post was sponsored by Westmoon LA but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Spring is officially only about a week away! This year seems to be flying by but I also felt like we would never get to spring. There have been a few warmer days/weeks here and there but overall it's been brisk and snowy. Now, all I can think about is spring fashion - despite the cold! I am so over my turtlenecks and wool socks. I want flowy tops, colorful denim and mules.

This peachy top from Westmoon LA is the perfect spring top - it's lightweight, it has a fun flutter sleeve and the little tie is a fun detail. I paired it with yellow denim since I'm feeling impatient for spring but it would also be so cute with a pair of high-waisted jeans or a navy skirt. I'm looking forward to working this piece into my spring/summer wardrobe regularly with other pieces. Have you started to pick up new pieces for your spring/summer wardrobe yet?

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Alchemist Society: Hot Cocktails 101


I LOVE cocktails but I rarely enjoy them at home. I used to be the same way with wine and beer, I would wait to drink them until I would go out and get suggestions from my friends or bartenders. Now, I've taken my fair share of wine tasting classes and brewery tours to get an idea of what I like and I have my go-to choices to keep at home. When it comes to liquor, I know I prefer gin and whiskey (I know, complete opposites) but I don't know what to mix them with at home for the perfect cocktail - or at least a decent cocktail. But now there's a solution to this problem - the Alchemist Society!
Alchemist Society holds events and cocktail making classes in Northern Liberties. And folks, there are SO many options! I attended the Hot Cocktails 101 class and it was so much fun. We made multiple hot drinks from hot toddy's, to hot buttered rum and even a tea-infused cocktail where you could pick your own liquor and ingredients. Not only did we learn how to create the cocktails themselves but we got a a lot of knowledge around the different liquors that were used.  

These classes would be so fun for a date night or for something different to do with your friends. They are also great for if you're looking to know more about cocktails - or even beer which they also offer tastings on! Plus, most of the classes are currently under $30. 
A few upcoming classes that particularly catch my eye, 

You can see the full list of upcoming events HERE and be sure to give them a like to hear about future events if you're in the Philly area! 

Wear to Work: Flare Sleeve Sweater


Wear to Work Style Wear to Work Style
The number one request I have gotten over the last few months has been outfit posts centered around what to wear to work.  To be honest, I was hesitant to post about this because I don't consider my work wardrobe to be an accurate reflection of my personal style but the longer that I've been at my job the more I've been making my work wardrobe work for me. Having to dress in business casual clothes (and working in an office) has been an adjustment, I still feel like a child playing dress up half of the time. So, this will be a journey together! 

If you're not a new reader, you probably know that I have a major thing for funky sleeves. Ruffled sleeves, tiered sleeves, bell sleeves - I love them all! So how do you wear a trend to work? Pair it with classics! These wool trousers and black heels are about as classic as it gets. Plus, the sweater itself is a neutral color and fabric. Even after the sleeve trend dies down this is still a piece I could see myself wearing again and again.
Wear to Work StyleWear to Work Style Wear to Work StyleWear to Work StyleWear to Work StyleWear to Work Style

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