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Spring Style Spring Style Spring Style

A tee and skirt combo. One of my go-to's for the weekend. I've always preferred skirts and dresses over pants but I know it's not always the most practical choice. Now that it's warm and sunny out I feel like I can finally pull my spring skirts out of the back of my closet. Another plus? There's nothing more freeing than bare legs! I decided to pair this navy knee-length skirt with this pair of yellow mules. Backless shoes are my current favorite trend, plus I love how places like Target and Old Navy offer affordable options. I rarely spend more than $50 on shoes since I live in a city. Walking around all shoes will end up getting destroyed (no matter what they cost). 

Spring Style Spring Style Spring Style Spring StyleSpring StyleSpring StyleSpring Style

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Last weekend I went to one of my favorite wine bars, Tria, with a few friends and we sat outside to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather we've been having here in Philadelphia. We enjoyed cheese, a baguette, white wine and bruschetta. I dressed up my look by switching out my usual metallic tote bag with a clutch and red lipstick. How do you dress up a casual outfit? 

What I Read in April


April started off SO strong when it came to reading and then, well, it definitely slowed down. I was sick for the majority of April and while you think that would be a good time to read, I always reach for the remote when I'm not feeling well. As much as I love reading, there's something so comforting about putting on an episode of Friends or Parks & Rec when I'm sick. I'm starting to feel better again but that means I just finished my April reads (and now starting my May picks mid-month). Here's what I read in April.

You know when you finish a book and it just sticks in your head for days afterward? You keep thinking about the characters and how you wish there was more to read afterwards. That's what happened to me after I read Girls Burn Brighter. I was instantly hooked and couldn't put it down, I found myself constantly wondering what was going to happen next. The book is centered around two Indian women who end up in different places and desperately try to find their way back to each other as they face numerous obstacles. It's a powerful story on female friendship and I highly recomend it.

I'm always up to read a book that's going to motivate and inspire me, and that's exactly what this book did. The moral of the story is to work as hard as you possibly can - but for what you truly want. This book reminded me that we all want different things and that it's important to envision your own "big life" (what does it mean to have it all to you?) and to go after that. Ann Shoket used to be the editor at Seventeen mag and she touches on her past experiences but she also interviewed numerous other women who have accomplished different things.

I just started The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer after hearing about it so much for the last few months. Anybody else starting this one? Afterwards, my plan is to read Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. What are you reading this month? 

Stripes and Overalls


Stripes and Overalls | Organized MessStripes and Overalls | Organized MessStripes and Overalls | Organized MessStripes and Overalls | Organized Mess
When I bought these overalls last summer I had no idea they would become such a staple in my closet. They are so perfect for the weekend! I love that you can wear just about any colorful top underneath them and it creates such a fun (and easy) look. I wore it with a polka dot top in the past and this time around I decided to go with stripes instead. This pink striped crop top is one of my new favorites currently in rotation. I also styled it with a high waisted skirt and I'm looking forward to finding more ways to wear it throughout the summer. How do you style crop tops? I paired this with two of my other favorites - my espadrilles and straw bag, both of which are from Spain. 
Stripes and Overalls | Organized MessStripes and Overalls | Organized MessStripes and Overalls | Organized MessStripes and Overalls | Organized MessStripes and Overalls | Organized MessStripes and Overalls | Organized Mess
Top: Urban Outfitters | Overalls: Never Too Spoiled | Shoes: Flea Market in Spain | Bag: Shop in Mallorca | Watch: Michael Kors | Sunglasses: LOFT

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The cherry blossoms have started to fade and instead lush green leaves have replaced them. When the cherry blossoms were at the peak blooming period Derek and I made our way down by the Schuylkill River for a picnic. A baguette, cheese (usually brie and goat cheese), fruit and sweets (in this case, macarons) are always my go-to for the perfect picnic. The day that we took these was the first really nice day we had for weeks and it was the perfect evening laying by the water for a few hours. How do you like to spend nice days in your city? 

Gold Earrings and a Navy Romper


Gold Earrings and a Navy Romper | Organized MessGold Earrings and a Navy Romper | Organized Mess

You know that moment when you find the perfect earrings? If you've had it then you know it's the best feeling. I found the perfect pair through AUrate. These gold, flower earrings are my new go-to for every day wear. I love that they still make a slight statement while not being so oversized that you can't wear them with nearly everything. Plus, I'm always a sucker for gold and rose gold! The best part about buying jewelry from AUrate? They have a huge charity initiative and they give a book to a school or student in need in New York City for every piece sold. Also, all of their jewelry is made right in NYC in an ethical way (no mass production!) along with being made with sustainable materials. Win, win! You can read more about how AUrate gives back here. 

Gold Earrings and a Navy Romper | Organized MessGold Earrings and a Navy Romper | Organized MessGold Earrings and a Navy Romper | Organized MessGold Earrings and a Navy Romper | Organized MessGold Earrings and a Navy Romper | Organized MessGold Earrings and a Navy Romper | Organized MessGold Earrings and a Navy Romper | Organized Mess ROMPER: LOFT | HEELS: ASOS | EARRINGS: AURATE C/O | SUNNIES: URBAN OUTFITTERS | BAG: FREE PEOPLE | WATCH: MICHAEL KORS 

I just bought this romper recently and it's already been on repeat in my closet. Wrap dresses are my new obsession but there's always a slight breeze in Philly and I always get nervous about them, well, unwrapping, a little too much. This wrap detail is worry-free since there's a pair of shorts underneath. Navy and gold is one of my favorite color combos so this polka dot romper was the perfect thing for my first time to wear these earrings

This post was sponsored by AUrate but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Spring Sweaters


Spring sweaters are the way to go for those mild April days where the chill is still lingering in the air. Spring mornings are usually cool but once the sun makes its way out there's warmth all day long. I don't know about you, but my arms are always colder than my legs! My go-to for spring days are skirts (without tights, finally) but with a long sleeve top or sweater. This LOFT sweater is too cute with the oversized sleeves and the text. I paired it with my pale pink corduroy skirt which works for any season. Also, I can't get enough of white shoes for spring. The next thing to buy on my wish list? White mules!


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Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a great weekend and Monday! It was so nice to spend the majority of the weekend outdoors. Yesterday was mine and Derek's 9 year anniversary. NINE YEARS. Not really sure how time has gone by that quickly. Sometimes it feels like we were just in high school, sneaking in a kiss or two between classes at our lockers. Now we're both "adults" living in Philadelphia and building our life together. We celebrated with drinks at my favorite Belgium Cafe in Fairmount, ice cream (of course) and dinner last night at Jack's Firehouse. What did you do this weekend?

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