An Afternoon in Brooklyn: Williamsburg, Gowanus and a Museum

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Last month Derek and I went to New York for an afternoon to celebrate Valentine's Day! It's become a bit of a tradition to go to NYC every February and I always look forward to it, despite the fact that it's usually freezing. Last Valentine's Day we celebrated in Manhattan but this time we decided to make it out to my other favorite borough, Brooklyn. We started the day in Williamsburg, took the subway to Gowanus for a dessert date and then walked to the Brooklyn Museum from there. It was quite a busy day but so much fun. It's hard to believe this was just a month ago, life looks so different now with stay at home orders thanks to COVID-19. I know that we can't go to any of the places mentioned below right this minute but I hope that you find this post helpful for your next trip to Brooklyn, after this has passed.  
Rabbit Hole CafeRabbit Hole Cafe Williamsburg Devocion Coffee 
We started out the day with a brunch date in Williamsburg at RabbitHole. The cafe doesn't take reservations but our wait wasn't too long. I loved the rustic, French inspired decor and how cozy and warm it felt on a cold winter day. I got the french omelette with salmon and a mimosa and while Derek went with steak and eggs. Afterwards we stopped by Devocion Coffee for a caffeine pick me up. I love  the fact that they have a living wall inside of the cafe, it was packed so I got my oatmilk latte to go and then we headed off to a few shops. 
  Concrete + Water Concrete + Water

One of my favorite stores that we stopped in was Concrete + Water, a boutique that had a little bit of everything - women's and men's clothes, accessories, shoes, home decor, candles, journals, adorable stuffed animals - I wanted everything! We also stopped in The Vale Collective, which was another trendy boutique with fun pieces as well as the jewelry store, Catbird. Our last stop in Williamsburg was Spoonbill Books, which is a favorite of mine. Spoonbill is always packed which makes me so happy, I love to see bookstores busy!
  GowanusWinter Style Gowanus Winter Style
We took the subway to Gowanus and walked around for a bit, there were a lot of unique shops and trendy looking restaurants. We weren't planning on spending a lot of time there, our main destination was a pie shop, but I definitely want to go back sometime in the near future. I'm so happy I decided to wear sneakers on this day, we ended up walking over 10 miles and these shoes are super comfortable. I also wore a cozy turtleneck and my faux leather jumpsuit that is actually quite comfy as well thanks to the wide-leg fit in the pants. 

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  Four and Twenty Blackbirds Four and Twenty Blackbirds Four and Twenty Blackbirds
I've had Four & Twenty Blackbirds on my NYC food bucket list for ages so we finally made it there! We went to the actual cafe in Gowanus despite the fact that there's a standing counter cafe super close to the Brooklyn Museum. I wanted to be able to relax with a cup of coffee and a slice of pie, which is exactly what we did. I got the lavender and honey pie and it was SO good. It had the perfect mix of honey and florals, plus, I'm such a sucker for anything lavender flavored. 
Brooklyn Museum Brooklyn Museum Brooklyn Museum Valentines Day
Lastly, Derek and I made our way to the Brooklyn Museum, an art museum located by Prospect Heights and Park Slope. It's actually the third largest museum in NYC and it holds more than 1.5 million pieces of art. I was shocked! To be honest, I didn't know much about it before we went and I definitely wasn't expecting it to be as large as it was. An hour and a half was not early enough time to see everything but I'm happy we got to spend some time there. We'll definitely have to make our way back to the museum again!

I love that Philly is so close to NYC and that we're able to easily make a day trip there as often as we do. What are your favorite neighborhoods in New York? Any favorite restaurants, shops, things to do? We can't wait to get started on planning our next trip there!