A Cozy Movie Date Outfit

A Cozy Movie Date Outfit | Organized Mess

Last weekend was a good one. It consisted of the perfect mix of fun, productivity and rest. I slept a solid 8 hours each night (woohoo!), went to a vision board event (more on that tomorrow), caught up on some work and managed to sneak in a movie date with Derek. We went to our local theater to see "Free Solo" and I was blown away. For those that don't know, Free Solo is a documentary on solo climber Alex Honnold as he attempts to climb El Captain in Yosemite National Park. And what is solo climbing? It's climbing without any ropes or gear. NONE. I was incredibly awestruck by how much strength it must take to climb a mountain (and in this case, 3,000 feet of pure vertical granite) with literally just your bare hands and what it must take mentally. He even gets an MRI done during the film so that they can see exactly how his brain reacts to fear. I don't want to spoil anything for you but I was definitely at the edge of my seat during the entire film. If you have a theater near you that's playing it, I highly recommend going!

A Cozy Movie Date Outfit | Organized MessA Cozy Movie Date Outfit | Organized MessA Cozy Movie Date Outfit | Organized MessA Cozy Movie Date Outfit | Organized Mess

Our date night was on Saturday and it was so dreary out! It was flurrying as we walked to the movie theater so I definitely wanted to be cozy. Plus, what's better than being cozy during a date at the movie theater? I had picked up this soft gray sweater from a local boutique, Vagabond, the day before and I could wear it everyday! It's so incredibly soft, plus it has the fun detail of the slits on the side. This week I plan on wearing it as layer over a black jumpsuit for work but for our movie night I paired it with a pair of wide leg velvet pants (also worn here) and it created the perfect oversized but chic look for the movies. These earrings from a local Philly designer are my absolute favorite so I wanted to throw those on as well. I paired those with my cream leather booties to tie the look together.

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Unfortunately, I don't have a three day weekend like so many of you! I'm back at work but I'm feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead. I hope you have a wonderful day whether you're enjoying an extra day to your weekend or if you're back at work like me!