Small Space Living: Decorating Inspiration

Last weekend Derek and I signed a lease for a new apartment. Our current apartment is going to be renovated so we actually have to move. We've been in this apartment for nearly 3 years now which is almost the longest I've ever been in one place. It's going to be a bit sad to leave the first place that we called home together but we are still excited about starting fresh in a new space. The only issue? It's going to be a whopping 500 square feet. Our apartment now is a loft style apartment so it technically has a "bedroom" but the entire apartment is open. So no walls. Derek and I can see each other no matter where we're at in the apartment at all times with the exception of when we are in the closet or in the bathroom. It's 620 square feet so we're going to be losing 120 square feet in our new place but adding a wall - an actual bedroom. It's going to be a change and we're aware that losing that120 square feet means losing a few of our (already few) possessions. But this is city living after all! And another plus is that the ceilings are high so it will create the illusion of more space. Here's a look at a few small spaces, specifically living rooms, inspiring me.
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