Family Ties

Sweater: H&M (Similar), Jeans: Pacsun (Bullhead Black Denim), Shoes: Aldo, Hat: Zara (Less than $30!)

There was a lot of smiling going on in these pictures, and that's probably because Derek was taking them (and maybe the fact that he was taking me to go get pumpkin-flavored ice cream after this had something to do with it too). 

 It was the funniest thing ever, Derek had called me when he was leaving work asking if I wanted to go for a long car drive to Maryland to an ice cream place he had heard of. The place was all the way in West Minister, Maryland which is like an hour and a half drive away. I actually love long car rides so I agreed and off we went. After our little adventure to Maryland I was telling my family about where we had gone and it turned out that the ice cream place we went to was the apartment my Grandmother lived at (well, the apartment was underneath the ice cream shop) when I was a baby and I had actually gone there a few times as a kid. And THEN it turned that at this small park we stopped at to snap these outfit pictures was actually the park that my dad proposed to my mom in. Ha, it's funny how things work out sometimes.