Cranberry Red

This is long overdue, but I hope that everybody who celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful Holiday! This time of year makes me so happy, and not just because I get to dress up constantly and eat plenty of sweets without any excuses. Family time is something I appreciate so much more on many different levels since I moved away from home three years ago. Although I'm lucky to usually get to spent at least one weekend out of the month at my parents house, the time is always so rushed so the Holidays gives me so much more personal time. I have this week of finals to get through and then I'll actually be home for about a month for Christmas bread. As much as I love the city and Philadelphia in general it will be nice to see the countryside for a few weeks. 

I actually picked up this dress on sale at Anthropologie a few weeks before Thanksgiving and I'm so happy that I did. I was on the fence since it was still kind of pricey but the quality was great and the color and lace was absolutely beautiful. I love this cranberry/wine color. I was going to pair a necklace with this dress but I really wanted it to stand alone for the holiday. If I attempt to dress it down over break I may add a statement necklace and try it with a pair of oxford heels or booties. Do you get dressed up for Thanksgiving or do you opt for a more comfy attire thanks to the giant meal that is consumed that day? I ended up making a homemade salted caramel apple pie along with a homemade crust, I usually bring one or two desserts to the table, what's your specialty for the holidays? 

Good luck to everyone facing finals this week! I have one today, two tomorrow and one Thursday. (Is it Friday yet?) 

PS: It was Lucy's (our german shephard puppy) first Thanksgiving! Can't you tell she's going crazy in the kitchen while my Dad is cooking? Ha