Styling Coveralls (+ A Philly Farmers' Market Guide)

Styling Coveralls (+ A Philly Farmers' Market Guide)

This year has been all about appreciating the little things, hasn't it? I've always enjoyed going to the farmers' market on the weekends but this year it seems a little more exciting when most of my week is spent at home. I've also always enjoyed buying flowers but lately they add a little more sunshine to my little apartment. The little things make a huge difference this year. The farmers's market, flowers, getting dressed up in *actual* outfits, a nice day so that I can go for a walk, a zoom call with a friend, a hike in the woods - these are the types of things that I've been holding onto this year. And speaking of actual outfits, these coveralls have been one of my favorite purchases this year. It's SO comfy, so it's perfect for days at home or for my weekend run to the farmers' market. It's also really versatile. I wore it in the summer with sandals and my hair up in a bun and now that it's getting chillier out I've been styling it with long-sleeved tops underneath and boots. There are so many ways to style it! 

Styling Coveralls (+ A Philly Farmers' Market Guide)Styling Coveralls (+ A Philly Farmers' Market Guide)Styling Coveralls (+ A Philly Farmers' Market Guide)

Philly has so many great farmers's market! There are options all over the city and each of these have great vendors. This year I've realized how important it is for the community to shop small so I definitely recomend checking out the farmer's market in your city or town. 

Philly Farmers' Markets
Headhouse Farmers' Market | Neighborhood: Queen Village, Open: Sunday 10am - 2pm
Fitler Square Farmers' Market | Neighborhood: Fitler Square, Open: Saturday 9am - 2pm
Rittenhouse Farmers' Market | Neighborhood: Rittenhouse, Open: Saturday: 9am - 3pm
Clark Park Farmers' Market | Neighborhood: Spruce Hill, Open: Thursday 3pm - 7pm, Saturday 10am - 2pm
East Falls Farmers' Market | Neighborhood: East Falls, Open: Saturday 10am - 2pm
Fairmount Farmers' Market | Neighborhood: Fairmount, Open: Thursday 3pm - 7pm
Chestnut Hill Farmers' Market | Neighborhood: Chestnut Hill, Open: Saturday 9am - 12pm
Overbrook Farmers' Market | Neighborhood: Overbrook, Open: Saturday: 9am - 1pm
Farmers' Market at Christ Church | Neighborhood: Old City, Open: Wednesday 3pm - 6pm
Pretzel Park Farmers' Market | Neighborhood: Manyunk, Open: Saturday: 10am - 2pm

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