24 Favorites from the Madewell Black Friday Preview Sale

The last few years I've been focused on building a more sustainable and curated wardrobe. I've stopped shopping impulsively at Target (well, for the most part) or buying something just because it's on sale and instead thought carefully each season about what pieces I feel that my wardrobe needs the most. Sometimes I'll buy a trendy piece here and there but I try to focus more on buying pieces that I consider classics like wool sweaters, good denim, a sturdy jumpsuit, etc and I either invest in those pieces or pin them and wait until there's a sale and then purchase them. I rarely ever shop a sale just to shop a sale now. This year I pinned a lot of great Madewell pieces, waiting for the right opportunity to buy them and it's finally here.

Madewell is currently hosting a black friday preview sale and the deals are SO good. It's 25% almost everything and 50% off their best sellers. And it's only until Tuesday, October 27th at 11:59PM ET. I've included the pieces I decided to purchase along with a few other favorites! So many of these would make great long term wardrobe additions.