Spring Favorites

Spring Favorites | Organized Mess
I must be craving all the sunshine and warmth I can get. My March/April edit was completely inspired by Portugal. Its been more than 3 years since I made my way to Lisbon and Sintra but I still daydream about Portugal all the time! I went for a long weekend in April 2015 and I could've spent weeks walking through the side alleys, looking in various shops filled with tiles and homemade goodies or sitting by the dock, soaking in the sunshine as ice cream melted down my hand. There were so many lovely moments from that trip that were also quite simple but Portugal makes everything feel magical.

I could so see myself wearing this floral tee with a pair of high-waisted jeans and mules while walking around the city center. It would be the perfect mix of playful and chic with this bucket bag and a pearl barrette, which is a fun (and inexpensive!) trend I'm willing to try out.

For lunch in the sun I would want to wear these gingham pants along with a ruffled crop top. For a day of exploring villages or going on a street art tour I could swap the gingham pants for a pair of shortall overalls and a pair of sneakers. This ruffled top could definitely work either way.
Lastly, for a special night out  - maybe dinner by the sea or drinks at a fancy restaurant,  this green dress with a high side slit would be the perfect outfit. Especially with those white mules!

What's inspiring your spring wardrobe?