Wear to Work: Sporty Chic

Wear to Work StyleWear to Work Style

I LOVE getting dressed up. Putting on a fun outfit for a night out or for an event is something I always look forward to. But one thing I don't always love getting dressed up for? Work. When you're getting dressed at 5am for the day ahead sometimes you aren't in the most creative mood to put together an outfit. (And I know, I know, they say to pick your outfit the night before - but every time I do that I never want to wear what I picked out!) This is why I love dresses for work! You can just slip them on and run out the door. This sporty racerback dress is both comfortable and chic. Another plus? It will work any time of the year! Since I don't love to buy clothes for work I try to buy pieces in neutral shades that are also multi-seasonal so that I can still look put together but not spend a ton of money on a business casual wardrobe. You know, so that I have money to spend on things like overall dresses, leopard print slip dresses and crop tops.

Wear to Work Style
Wear to Work StyleWear to Work StyleWear to Work StyleWear to Work StyleWear to Work StyleWear to Work Style

This week is flying by thanks to Labor Day being on Monday! I have a few fun plans after work this week and then this weekend I'll be going to an event at LOFT on Saturday followed by NYFW on Sunday (which I'm super excited for!) The busiest weeks always go by the quickest - don't they?