Hot Weather Combo: Overall Dress + Bralette

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It's been HOT in Philadelphia. And not just hot, but also incredibly humid - such a fun combo! But seriously, I truly don't mind heat at all, I love scorching hot summer days but this humidity has got to go. It's been making me so sleepy and it makes me want to wear absolutely nothing. So what does one wear when the thought of wearing anything makes you feel like you're already sweating? We all know polyester and silk are out of the question and I normally veto denim as well but this overall dress is an exception. My new favorite thing to wear during the summer are bralettes (so much more comfortable than an actual bra, it's too hot for that!) and to pair them with a loose top or this slightly oversized overall dress. It's not too hot to wear since it's both oversized and short. Plus, pairing it with a bralette makes this outfit super breathable in mid-August. This bralette has been my go-to for the last few weeks. I'm already debating which color to get next.

It's hard to believe we're getting close to the end of summer. Normally I would feel so ready for fall since it's my favorite season but for some reason I'm feeling bummed out about summer coming to an end. I associate so many fun things with summer - beer gardens, beach days, ice cream dates, sunshine until almost 9pm. Ugh. Fall may be favorite but summer is close behind it. And this summer just flew by!
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