5 Ways to Wear Cowboy Boots

I remember the days I used to slip on cowboy boots almost daily. I grew up in a rural area so cowboy boots were probably a little more common in my hometown than they are in Philadelphia. But even as a newfound city girl I wouldn't necessarily shun them out of my wardrobe! It's been a while since I pulled any of those boots on, but I'm trying to re-imagine them in my wardrobe and here's a few ways you can do so as well - 1. Ankle-Length Cowboy Boots
Not sure if cowboy boots will fit your style? An ankle length pair lets you try this trend without going fully into it. Instead, it's just like you're testing the waters and you can get a feel for whether or not you want to full commit. 2. The Sundress + Cowboy Boot Combo
This is a classic combo, Taylor Swift even used to do it! This is also such a summer staple and so easy to throw on. I always naturally go for a sandal or heel when it comes to summer dresses now, but a boot is an easy way to transition from the warmer to the hotter months of the summer. 3. With Plaid/Gingam
Another classic! I would avoid this way-to-wear if you're avoiding a look that's too country but this is another easy look, especially for fall. We all have flannels hidden in our closets and by adding a pair of boots you can easily pull together an entire look. 
4. With Other Neutrals
This is another way to get your feet wet within the trend. By wearing a neutral boot with a neutral dress or outfit, you're kind of silently saying "hey, I'm wearing cowboy boots with this but everything's neutral so can you really tell..." By playing with colors in the same palette you aren't creating any kind of stand out, loud look but instead a quietly, pulled together look. 5. With Tights - Even With Colorful Tights!
The last look is probably one of my favorites. By adding a pair of tights - particularly a colorful pair you're adding layers and dimensions to your outfit and proving that cowboy boots can be just as fashionable as a pair of stacked ankle boots! 
This has been a little "throwback thursday" for you. Most of these outfits are from 2010-2012. Don't forget to sometimes take inspiration from your younger self! 
Would you ever try the cowboy boot trend?