A Look Back: August 2015

Good-bye August! I can't believe the last official month of summer is already gone. This was a big month for me, mostly because Derek and I finally moved in together after 6 and a half years of dating! It still doesn't seem real, but I love our cozy Old City apartment. I'll be sharing pictures of the space within the next month. Here's a look back at the last month, 

What I Wore: 

What I Listened To:

What I Read:

Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations - Ava Gardner and Peter Evans.

If you have an obsession, or even slight infatuation with classic Hollywood I 100% recommend this book. The Philadelphia Inquirer called it, "the heartbreaking memoir of the ultimate heartbreaker." Not only is it a look into Gardner's life, but it's a glimpse behind all of the Hollywood glamour from that era. She talks about her personal and work relationships with everyone from Frank Sinatra, Mickey Rooney to Humphrey Bogart. She shares her childhood hardships and the hardships of relationships and Hollywood. She doesn't hold back and all of the good and bad of her life comes to the surface in a way that you rarely see.  

What I Did:

1. Moved in with Derek! 2. Celebratory dinner/margaritas with my parents at El Camino Real. 3. I had my favorite pair of pattern skinnies from LOFT on repeat all month long. 4. I had my first pumpkin flavored thing of the season! Beer, of course. 5. I've started running on the Ben Franklin Bridge regularly. 6. Waffles! Because I secretly love making Derek breakfast. 7. Derek and I, because I love making him take selfies with me. 8. An amazing smores donut from Reading Terminal Market. 9. Derek and I before going to the Sam Hunt, Hunter Hayes and Lady Antebellum concert. 10. LADY ANTEBELLUM. I DIED. 11. Philadelphia at 6am. I love morning runs. 12. Franklin Fountain date with Derek. 13. My old apartment on Fairmount emptied out. It was hard to say good-bye. 14 - 15. My first "girls night" at my apartment which involved plenty of wine, food and dancing. 16. Kinder Bueno Bars are my favorite and the shop next to my apartment complex sells them - which is both awesome and horrible.

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