A Retro Summer Look

I think that girly, classic styles will always be my favorite. I can't resist a cute pair of t-strap heels, red lipstick or a pretty dress. Summer and spring are my favorite seasons to dress thanks to being able to pull out my dresses and not having to worry about always wearing tights or covering them up with sweaters and jackets. I've tried to slip on jeans and shorts so many times but for every day that I wear a pair of jeans or shorts, I wear a dress/skirt every 3 or 4 days - at least. I guess I should go ahead and accept that I'll always feel more comfortable in skirts. (The only time that it's annoying is when it's windy - especially in the city!) Emily and Fin has such a pretty selection of dresses, all of the patterns are so fun and unique! I think that this pretty floral number may be next on my list. We're already half way through the week! Here's to looking forward to the weekend. 
Dress Emily and Fin{Similar StyleShoes Chelsea Crew {Similar} Purse Urban Outfitters {SimilarLipstick Dragon Girl by NARS