T. Swift Never Goes Out of Style

Next Friday Taylor Swift is coming to Philadelphia! And I'm going to the 1989 World Tour! I'm super excited and cannot wait to dance all night to one of my favorite albums and to see one of my idols in person. Ah - honestly I can't even think about it too much. The night I went to the Red tour with my mom was honestly one of the best nights I've ever had. But enough of that! I'm sure you will all hear about my fan-girling after the concert and even during it if you follow me on Instagram.

There are so many people that come to mind when I think about style icons. But one of the first would easily be - Taylor Swift! Her girly and classic style is one that has been covered by loads of magazines and websites but I've always been obsessed. Trying to steal the look? Try high-waisted silhouettes, colorful heels, polished bags and cropped lengths.

Who is your celeb style icon?