October Roundup

I'm having a really hard time believing it's November. I'm having an even harder time believing it's November thanks to the 70 degree weather we've been having. I kind of feel like we're in LA, although I've never been to LA or the West Coast in general, but I imagine this must be what it feels like. 
In all honestly, October wasn't quite my month. I've been having a lot of anxiety about life in general, and I constantly feel like I'm not as far in my major as I would like to be. But that just shows me that this November I'm going to work hard, and also start applying to internships. It's hard to believe that next October will be my last Fall while being in school. 
Here's a look back at my two outfits I posted on my blog this month and a few wonderful, simple moments caught on instagram. 
Sunny Philly Days (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, right?), cute Philly cats, Pumpkin Soup + Brie and Fig Sandwich, 4 new books for $5 at a sidewalk sale, catching up with friends, chilly days, a couch for our living room, and checking out new exhibitions at the Art Museum (and getting to write about it for the paper!)
Fall days call for pumpkin Spice Lattes, Brunch with Derek where I got Pumpkin Pie french toast, my brother turned 19, my mom surprised me with an adorable fox sweater, pumpkin macarons from Whole Foods, visiting  my hometown and going on a therapeutic run through the country side, Pumpkin turned 1 years old, breakfast for dinner with my mom and trips to Reading Terminal. 
Fall Fest with Derek (and my family), pumpkin soup + fresh bread from Metropolitan Bakery, Fall in Old City, Rainy day wear, Pumpkin in weird poses, Lucy not realizing how big she's getting, a new Anthropologie dress, Coffee Shop Treats, Cozy night in with Derek

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