It's that time again! Happy Halloween everyone! Does anybody have any big plans? I'm heading out into Center City for the day to do a few Halloween-centered assignments for class and then I'll probably look up Hocus Pocus online, drink some hot chocolate and eat too much gummy candy corn (aka my new favorite thing). I love that Halloween is the first stepping stone into the Holiday Season! Yes, I'm that annoying person who is already thinking about Christmas. But I can't help it, this time of year is my absolute favorite. I already have my Thanksgiving outfit purchased and ready, like I said, I'm pretty excited about the holidays. 

Derek and I carved this Pumpkin when I went home nearly a month ago, it was so much fun having a night like this together. We obviously messed up our carving a little bit by pushing the pumpkin out in between the ears but oh well. We baked cookies, carved Pumpkins and then roasted Pumpkin seeds. A perfect Fall evening.

Happy Halloween everyone, stay safe!

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