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Satin Midi Skirts

Silk Midi Skirts | Organized Mess
I think you all know about my love for a good midi skirt by now. And satin midis definitely fall into that category. I had styled mine with a sleeveless sweater tank on a warm day a few weeks ago but they also work as a great transitional piece. I'm already thinking about pairing my silk midi with oversized sweaters and turtlenecks this fall and winter. Plus, they look great with sandals, sneakers or booties! They truly are such a fun and versatile piece.
  Silk Midi Skirts | Organized MessSilk Midi Skirts | Organized MessSilk Midi Skirts | Organized Mess Silk Midi Skirts | Organized Mess
Sorry I've been so MIA on this corner of the internet lately. If you follow me on Instagram than you probably know it's been a crazy month of travel for me. I went on a Euro trip with a few of my close friends and we went to Paris, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Biarritz, Madrid and ended up surprisingly in Casablanca when our original flight home got canceled. And all of this was within 11 days. Then, 5 days later, Derek and I left for a 6 day road trip to Montreal and Quebec City. So, to say the least, it's been a whirlwind. I can't wait to share my travel posts with you, though! Hope you all have a great weekend!
  Silk Midi Skirts | Organized MessSilk Midi Skirts | Organized MessSilk Midi Skirts | Organized MessSilk Midi Skirts | Organized MessMadewell Sweater Tank | Skirt from Lost and Found Boutique | Gola Sneakers | Madewell Hoop Earrings | Vintage Gold Necklaces | Bag from Lost and Found 

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  1. I'm loving silk skirts too! I bought a few last year that I'm gonna whip out the wardrobe again.

    Zoey |

  2. I absolutely love this look! The sneakers are the perfect finishing touch.

  3. You look great, loving the look especially the bag!

    Life is a Shoe

  4. Super cute skirt... satin is a great fabric!
    IG @gracenjio

  5. You look amazing.

  6. I like silk long skirts, with black tops that look great! you look beautiful!

  7. I love most skirts, midi are definitely my favorite! Love your simple, neutral look and your skirt picks :) xx


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