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Wednesday Wishlist: Midi Skirts and Dresses

Wednesday Wishlist: Midi Skirts and Dresses | Organized Mess
Wedding season. Vacation season. Brunch season. Beach season. This time of year seems to be the season for just about everything. I try not to buy something new for every occasion so finding pieces that work for multiple events and occasions is crucial to both my wallet and the (limited) amount of space in my closet. One of my favorite spring/summer staples? Midis! Whether in the form of a skirt or a dress, this classic piece can work for so many different occasions. This teal skirt would be so fun with a pair of sneakers and a tee for brunch or look beautiful dressed up with a sheer blouse and pair of heels. Also, this pale pink number would look great with a pair of sandals and a straw bag at the beach or with a clutch and dainty jewelry for a wedding. I'm actually thinking about buying this patterned teal dress for an upcoming wedding as well as for an upcoming trip to France. Would you wear a midi?
  Wednesday Wishlist: Midi Skirts and Dresses | Organized Mess

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  1. I actually love all of these!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. Hope you get a few things off your wishlist.

  3. I usually wear long jeans ALL. THE. TIME. Somehow, even after 22 summers in my life, I still don't know how to dress for summer. This season I've been gravitating towards shorts and dresses--the less fuss, the better! But I've been wanting to look a little more put together, instead of going for athletic shorts all the time, like I've been doing. I love the colours of the fourth dress you picked out, and the sixth skirt looks like SO much fun to wear! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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