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Cropped Sweaters | Organized Mess
Can you believe we're already half way through December!? Christmas is less than two weeks away and I've barely gotten any of my Christmas shopping done. The holidays really snuck up this year! I feel like it was just Thanksgiving (and black Friday). This time of year always goes by so quickly. But speaking of Black Friday, almost this entire outfit came from black friday and small business saturday shopping! The corduroy skirt I snagged at Madewell for 25% off, the hat I ordered from Anthro (I've been wanting to buy one of these since last year!)  and the sweater I got from one of my favorite local boutiques, Smak Parlour
Cropped Sweaters | Organized MessCropped Sweaters | Organized MessCropped Sweaters | Organized MessCropped Sweaters | Organized Mess
I love pairing cropped sweaters with high waisted styles. This one from Smak Parlour is so soft and I love how the sleeves flair slightly out. I know cropped styles typically seem like something you would wear during the summer but the high waisted cord skirt keeps this look warm enough for a mild fall or winter day.  I'm also looking forward to pairing this sweater with a pair of high waisted pants as well. I wore my new wool engineer cap from Anthro (FYI, 30% off everything at Anthro until midnight EST on 12/16) but I think this outfit would also look cute with a beret or a wide brim hat!  
Cropped Sweaters | Organized MessCropped Sweaters | Organized MessCropped Sweaters | Organized Mess

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  1. It's hard to believe that Christmas is so close! There is so much left to do, it seems. Love this look. That sweater is fab!

    1. I know! It truly did sneak up this year! And thank you so much!

  2. Your outfit is screaming 70's to me.

  3. I've been so excited for Christmas that I did most of my shopping during the last week of November haha; I pretty much hopped right on it after Thanksgiving! That said, I'm still not mentally ready for Christmas to come around. I just want to build up to Christmas for forever! // I almost always wear jeans, and all my jeans are high-waisted, so I love that I can still wear cropped tops if I want ^-^ -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Hi, how are you?
    The look is beautiful, I loved the sweater and the velvet skirt!

    A kiss,

  5. The color of this skirt is fantastic!!! Love it!!



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