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Faux Suede Skirt

Faux Suede Skirt | Organized MessFaux Suede Skirt | Organized MessFaux Suede Skirt | Organized Mess
Crisp, cool fall mornings with a latte in hand on the way to the farmers market are my favorite kinds of Sunday mornings. I wish this time of year would go on forever, but I guess with fall being so short and sweet, it makes us appreciate it so much more. I love bundling up in scarves and wearing all fall-themed colors. Navy, maroon, brown, orange and hunter green are my absolute favorite colors to wear and there is no better time for those colors than now with the falling leaves making the perfect backdrop. This faux suede skirt is one of my favorite new additions to my closet. It goes with almost everything and I feel like I can get so much use out of it going into winter later this year. Don't you love pieces that can work for more than half the year?
  Faux Suede Skirt | Organized MessFaux Suede Skirt | Organized MessFaux Suede Skirt | Organized MessFaux Suede Skirt | Organized MessFaux Suede Skirt | Organized MessFaux Suede Skirt | Organized MessFaux Suede Skirt | Organized MessFaux Suede Skirt | Organized Mess

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent it apple picking and exploring the Poconos with Derek. We definitely got our fair share of fall dates in this weekend and I'll be reminiscing about this past weekend all week long. But here's to the start of a brand new week!


  1. What a great fall outfit.


  2. Loving these autumnal colours! Is it really autumn if you haven't gone apple picking? ;P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. Loving everything about this outfit.

  4. Nice outfit !

  5. Love this look! This makes me want to go out and purchase a new skirt, your's is so cute :)

  6. Super cute outfit!!

  7. Clothes that work fr more than half the year are great. For me that's usually jeans (i need to challenge my creativity).
    I love your faux suede skirt. You look great in it :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  8. Love how everything in this look just works so well together.

  9. That's a great skirt! I love the style & color of it. Your scarf & booties are fab. Makes for a great outfit. Farmer's markets are fun!

  10. Perfect look, My love style!

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  12. Such a cute fall look! I adore that skirt, and the entire color scheme, it looks so cozy!

    xo, Charlotte


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