Orange and Gold


Dress: T.J Maxx, Sweater: Gap, Tights: Hue, Watch: Michael Kors 

I'm trying to ease my way into wearing bright, Spring colors but neutrals hold a special place in my heart. An easy, fun way to transition into Spring is with patterned tights, I love that these are knitted so they aren't uncomfortably warm. And throwing a sweater on over a transitional dress is also a good idea, in case it gets warm enough to take it off. But, look at all of that snow. Obviously that isn't happening anytime soon. Tomorrow we're supposed to get another inch or two of snow. Happy Spring! How I wish I was back in California.

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Never Ending Winter


Dress: Forever 21, Turtleneck: H&M, Shoes: Thrifted 

I don't know if you East Coasters realize this, but winter is never ending. Ever. Ha, well, I'm joking, hopefully. The first day of Spring is supposed to be tomorrow and I'm hoping that the weather at least creeps up into the 50's (I can't believe I'm saying that). This winter layering has been one of my number one tools. I'm a dress girl all the way, and adding a turtleneck and thick stockings has been my way to keep my personal style true to myself. Have you had to do anything this winter in order to keep that grasp on personal style? 

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Style Spotlight: Taylor Swift


A little inspiration for a dreary Monday. I'm obsessed with Miss Swift's newest haircut. A bob is such a girly, easy hair style. It's almost enough to make me want to cut my own hair, almost. Her vintage-y, feminine style never gets old, I also love that she always still has the pop of red on her lips. Such a perfect addition to any girly outfit. Also, isn't that Dolce & Gabanna bag the epitome of classicness?

Who's style is currently inspiring you?

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California Part 2: Hollywood and Santa Monica


Hiking to the Hollywood Sign 

Downtown Hollywood

Santa Monica

My trip to California ended so quickly. I'm looking back at these pictures feeling like it was weeks ago when I was only their one week ago. I loved every aspect of the trip, but I think my favorite place was Santa Monica. It was so adorable! The pier was tiny but note-worthy, the beach was gorgeous, the shopping was perfect, ah, if I could live there I would. 
I also loved the hiking. The view was like nothing I have ever seen before and climbing the hills with my two best friends, looking down at the city is a memory I will never forget. 

California, I miss you already. 

California Part 1: San Diego


I just got back to Philadelphia after having a week and a half off for Spring Break. Most breaks I just go home and lay around, watching TV and eating as much food as possible but this break was different. Me and one of my best friends, Derek got to visit our other best friend, Adrienne in LA! Adrienne is usually my roommate here in Philly but she's doing a semester study away program. I've never been off the East Coast before and have never been on a plane before this and it's safe to say that this trip was extremely eye opening. 

Next year after I graduate I was planning on looking for a job out West and now I'm even more excited after loving the west coast. We spent most of our time in LA but one day we took a road trip down to San Diego. It was so beautiful and perfect. First, we went to Pacific Beach where we laid on the beach and checked out the boardwalk, then later that day on the way back we stopped at a Black Sand beach where we had to hike down a giant hill to get to the bottom. The weather was so perfect, 70's and sunny all week long. I honestly can't put into words how much fun this trip was, so I'll just share pictures instead. 

Before our flight out of Baltimore

Pacific Beach in San Diego

 Black Sand Beach near La Jolla

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