California Part 2: Hollywood and Santa Monica

3/14/2014 Chelsea Finn 6 Comments

Hiking to the Hollywood Sign 

Downtown Hollywood

Santa Monica

My trip to California ended so quickly. I'm looking back at these pictures feeling like it was weeks ago when I was only their one week ago. I loved every aspect of the trip, but I think my favorite place was Santa Monica. It was so adorable! The pier was tiny but note-worthy, the beach was gorgeous, the shopping was perfect, ah, if I could live there I would. 
I also loved the hiking. The view was like nothing I have ever seen before and climbing the hills with my two best friends, looking down at the city is a memory I will never forget. 

California, I miss you already. 

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  1. Love the pictures, especially the last one! ♥
    I'm a cali native and LOVE SANTA MONICA!! My fav beach♥♥♥♥
    Wish it was a lot sunnier for your visit, maybe next time! :D

  2. Love all of your pictures. I would love to go there one day!

  3. great pictures, Have a great weekend

  4. I have never heard the pier called tiny before lol. But I guess it kind of is!! And those hills are awesome. On my last visit I hiked Runyon Canyon with a friend and loved it. Thank you for sharing these pictures. I miss California so much!

  5. Looks like you had an amazing time!!
    Great pics, they're gorgeous.
    You got some awesome shots by the Hollywood sign. c:


  6. Gorgeous pictures! It looks like a wonderful trip!