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September Roundup

It seems like every month is just flying by lately. I'm both excited and anxious for October. I'm getting deeper into my classes and everything seems a little bit crazy right now, but at the same time it feels right. In two weeks I get to home home for a weekend for the first time in a month and a half, and I'm super excited to see my baby puppy Lucy and my favorite kitty, Pumpkin, who I haven't yet brought back with me to Philadelphia. I've been waiting to get the apartment for adjusted before bringing him back into this craziness so he's kind of hanging out with my parents right now, not that they mind at all. 
I didn't have too many outfit posts for September. The crazy thing is,I can still wear all of these outfits comfortably thanks to the 80 degree weather we're having this week. Um, hello, Fall? 


  1. Such cute outfits! I love them all. :) Luckily fall has pretty much kicked in here, although the weather can change from day to day. Typical weird Midwestern weather.

    - April


  3. Love the second look, those shorts are so cute!

  4. It has been crazy warm here, too! 80s in Minnesota are rare enough, but in late September? Crazy! Can't wait to see pictures from your trip home :)

  5. Love, love, love the outfits! I especially love the dress.


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