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Mixing It Up

Top: TJMaxx, Shorts: Forever 21, Sandals: Forever 21, Necklace: Calico 

I usually stray away from the idea of mixing patterns on the bottom and top but I decided to try it out with this combo on a laid back day during one of my last days at home before moving back to Philadelphia. I had posted an Instagram picture of me in the dressing room trying on this top and was coincidentally wearing these shorts when a few people had told me that they loved it together so I decided to give it a go. I might re-wear this sometime this week actually while the weather is still in the mid-80's. 

I remember this day very clearly. My mom and I ran out to run a few errands and then Derek came over after he got off of work. It was such a simple day and there was nothing super special about it, but those are the days I'm missing the most. Don't get me wrong, living out here is wonderful and I'm fully loving every minute of it and it feels great to be living on my "own" (ahem, with a bestie roommate) but I miss my family and Derek and only having them to talk to on the phone can be hard on days where I would love to just sit and talk or even just do something as simple as watching TV with them. Anybody else currently moved back to school and going through the weird transition as well?


  1. This is an adorable print mix!

  2. Really cool print mix. Adorable shorts. My husband moved away for work and the little things like watching tv together or just talking about random stuff is what I miss the most.

  3. Such a cute outfit! I really like the two prints together.

    decked out in ruffles

  4. So cute! I love it. There was a period of time where my husband was in Mexico and we could only talk over the phone, and it was definitely the little moments that I missed the most... just being able to lounge around and do nothing together. You don't always realize how special those moments are. Hang in there!

    - April

  5. Loving the print mix!x

  6. Hope you are having a great week

  7. Great combo - it might inspire another manicure look from me! :) I hope it gets easier for you being away from your loved ones - maybe you can Skype or Facetime?


  8. This is such a fun combo! I love it!

  9. Oh what a beautiful combination of two prints! Absolutely love it!


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