Goodbye Town

Goodbye Town Goodbye Town
Looking back at these pictures, I actually feel pretty sad about summer coming to an end. This was about three weeks ago and I can still feel the humidity in the air just by looking at these pictures. I'm one of those few people who love those hot and sticky summer days. Maybe it's because I grew up in North Carolina where the weather was always humid. I love days where you get that whiff of air that reminds you of being a child again. Hot, humid summer days are those days for me.
  Goodbye Town Goodbye TownGoodbye Town H&M DRESS | ALDO SHOES

This is my last summer outfit post, and it's so hard to believe. I absolutely love this dress, I got it two years ago from H&M and still always try to find a reason to wear it. I remember this particular night Derek and I went out for a dinner date to Chilis (our go-to spot, I know, so suburban). The layer of tulle underneath the skirt is probably my favorite thing about this dress. I have a thing for full skirts, seriously can't get enough. I'm heading back to Philly and saying good-bye to hometown for awhile once again.