March Roundup


WOW! It's the end of March. Already. It makes me kind of sick to think about. Haha. I feel like i have so much to do in such a little time. My finals are going to come around  in a month and that will be the end of my sophomore year. Wow.
Anyways, this month I'm going to be on a tighter budget so that means I'm going to have to get more creative with my outfit ideas. Instead of buying new pieces of clothing I'm going to try and make my few purchases on accessories so I can try and switch things up more. 
March I stayed pretty warm with sweaters and hats, and I also took the easy black and white stripes with red approach to my outfits. What did your overall March look like?

Outfit Remix: Blue Cardigan


Warmer Days, April 2012

Country Roots, May 2012

Summer Dresses, June 2012

Ditsy Hearts, Jan. 2013

I love when items you find randomly on sale end up being one of your most used pieces of clothing. This navy cardigan is one of those finds. I got this on sale at Target for around $7 last Winter and it turned out to be the perfect cardi on a warm Spring or Fall day. It's also been great during the winter to put on under my other layers. 

I'm going home today for Easter Weekend and although i was just home a week and a half it still feels so good that I'll get to see my family and Derek again. I'm not going to lie and say being in a long distance relationship because at times I get so frustrated I second guess everything for a second but then as soon as we see each other, I wish I never even had those thoughts for a second. 

Derek and I are planning (nothing official!) for him to move to Philadelphia next summer so we would be living together for my senior year of college. Even though this all isn't happening quickly it still feels like we were sixteen at homecoming together and it all feels so crazy. 

Also, Thompson Square's new album just came out and if you don't buy the whole thing (which you really should because it's incredible) at least listen to "Can't Outrun You" (which gives me absolute chills) and "Here We Go Again".

Add Some Sparkle


Striped Top: H&M, Skirt: H&M, Tights: Target, Loafers: Target (Xhileration), Necklace: Thrifted at the Flea Market

These sparkly loafers were such a life (uh, outfit) saver during the Holiday season with the amount of extra sparkle they bring to an outfit. But that doesn't mean they have to be put away until next Holiday season! It's been fun to dress them up along with the Spring season as well. 

I got this essential striped tee during my first ever visit to Philadelphia with my dad and best friend (and now roommate!) when I thought I was going to go to the Art Institute in Philly. It's funny how I still ended up in Philadelphia, although at a university instead of culinary school. It's also funny how my best friend from high school went on that trip with me during our Junior year of high school and we ended up going to the same university and moving in together and are going to be in our junior year of college next semester. It's so scary how fast time is going by. I remember being a junior in high school so clearly and Derek and I celebrating our 1 year anniversary as a couple and now this year it's going to be our 4 year anniversary. 

With how time goes by quickly I never really noticed as I've been changing, but looking back, I've done a lot of growing up these last few years. And I'm so happy to continue to grow with those I've been growing up with since high school, whether it's Derek or my best friend or any of my other friends from home and new friends here! Surrounding yourself with those who are always going to love and support you has been the best feeling lately. 

I hope you all had a refreshing weekend (I know I did with a candy and cookie filled weekend with my best friends along with a "Weeds" marathon!) and are ready for a new week. Happy Monday! 

Purple Madness


Sweater: Gap, Pants: American Eagle, Oxfords: Target, Hat: Old Navy, Necklace: Gift from Mom

I never considered purple to be one of my favorite colors until this past summer, I don't know what really sparked my love for this color but I even decorated my bedroom with purple ribbons on my curtains and a purple comforter and sheets. I prefer the paler shades over the bolder ones. Pastels have always been my favorite and now that it's officially Spring I'll be mixing plenty of pastels into my wardrobe. These american eagle pants are my obsession. They are so unbelievably comfortable and are the perfect addition to spruce up my white tops. While I'm in school I love pieces that make their own statement. 
I try not to get too matchy-matchy but I added my long purple necklace and hat to this outfit just for some fun. The hat being mostly for warmth purposes. 

Also, can you believe that Easter is already NEXT WEEKEND!? Can't wait for a good excuse to fill up on Reeses Easter Peanut Butter Eggs, jelly beans and Cadbury Eggs. 

Skirts vs Pants


Ever since I first tried out skirts and dresses in high schools, I quickly realized that was an important aspect to my own personal style and it woul become a staple of mine. I love jeans and shorts, but mostly just for practical reasons and for warmth during the winter. Comfort wise, I feel much better in a skirt or dress. Which do you prefer, skirts or pants?

Tea for Two


I'm sure most of you know about my infatuation with Ruche. Such a lovely store, and once I have a stable job I plan on incorporating more of their pieces into my wardrobe. Their Spring Lookbook, "Tea for Two" is so adorable and makes me so excited for the pretty shades of pastels that Spring brings to a new wardrobe. I also love that they had real bunnies on the set. Too cute!

Hidden Patterns


 Sweater: Old Navy, Pants: American Eagle, Boots: Maurices, Beret: Old Navy

One of my favorite trends of the winter season was the trend of patterned pants. I love that these American Eagle jeggings are still thick enough to be warm and the pattern is easy to match up with a lot of different things. Plus, they're super comfortable which is always a bonus. 
I can't believe today is the last full day of my Spring Break. It went by so quickly, I don't even know what I did all week except for sleeping, eating and shopping. Tomorrow I head back to Philly though and I'm feeling a lot better and refreshed. Just what I needed. 

Take Me to Paris


Top: H&M, Shorts: Olsenburge, Booties: Target, Beret: Target 

I've never been to Paris, or anywhere outside of the Eastern side of the United States but it's funny how 
stripes and berets always make people assume you're going for a Parisian look. I never had a striped black and white shirt before two or three years ago and now I don't know what I would do without them now that I have a collection growing. It's such an easy way to style up an outfit for an effortless look. 

I'm home on Spring Break now and it's been so beautiful, with the exception of today's rainy weather. It feels so good to escape from the city of Philadelphia sometimes and just relax in my rural/suburban hometown. Lately there has been way too much drama going on in Philly that I'm just not in the mood to deal with. Girl drama is something I always try to avoid and yet it always finds me. So now, I'm just relaxing and enjoying a drama free week with the people who matter the most in my life; my family and Derek. 
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