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Add Some Sparkle

Striped Top: H&M, Skirt: H&M, Tights: Target, Loafers: Target (Xhileration), Necklace: Thrifted at the Flea Market

These sparkly loafers were such a life (uh, outfit) saver during the Holiday season with the amount of extra sparkle they bring to an outfit. But that doesn't mean they have to be put away until next Holiday season! It's been fun to dress them up along with the Spring season as well. 

I got this essential striped tee during my first ever visit to Philadelphia with my dad and best friend (and now roommate!) when I thought I was going to go to the Art Institute in Philly. It's funny how I still ended up in Philadelphia, although at a university instead of culinary school. It's also funny how my best friend from high school went on that trip with me during our Junior year of high school and we ended up going to the same university and moving in together and are going to be in our junior year of college next semester. It's so scary how fast time is going by. I remember being a junior in high school so clearly and Derek and I celebrating our 1 year anniversary as a couple and now this year it's going to be our 4 year anniversary. 

With how time goes by quickly I never really noticed as I've been changing, but looking back, I've done a lot of growing up these last few years. And I'm so happy to continue to grow with those I've been growing up with since high school, whether it's Derek or my best friend or any of my other friends from home and new friends here! Surrounding yourself with those who are always going to love and support you has been the best feeling lately. 

I hope you all had a refreshing weekend (I know I did with a candy and cookie filled weekend with my best friends along with a "Weeds" marathon!) and are ready for a new week. Happy Monday! 


  1. I love the colors in this outfit! And the sparkles add that extra pop on your shoes. Basically I want them for all year round!

  2. What a darling skirt! You look very Parisian in this with the stripes and it is fantastic. The sparkly loafers work beautifully well and you are just the cutest thing.

  3. Very lovely outfit!

  4. <3 This! Your outfit is adorable and I really, really love the shoes! haha

  5. Yes, time flies by, and it's wonderful you are sensing a change in your personality. Most people stay the same every year.
    The sparkling flats are adorable, and gorgeous with the skirt ^_^

  6. so adorable! stripes + skater skirt is sooo cute! <3

    The DayLee Journal

  7. Love this outfit, those shoes are too cute! Congrats on your 4 years :)

  8. Those shoes are perfect! They totally make the outfit :) love it!

  9. Great shoes and skirt! And happy anniversary!

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