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Outfit Remix: Blue Cardigan

Outfit Remix: Blue Cardigan | Organized MessWarmer Days, April 2012
  Outfit Remix: Blue Cardigan | Organized MessCountry Roots, May 2012
  Outfit Remix: Blue Cardigan | Organized MessSummer Dresses, June 2012
  Outfit Remix: Blue Cardigan | Organized MessDitsy Hearts, Jan. 2013

I love when items you find randomly on sale end up being one of your most used pieces of in your wadrobe. This navy cardigan is one of those finds. I got this on sale at Target for around $7 last Winter and it turned out to be the perfect cardi on a warm Spring or Fall day. It's also been great during the winter to put on under my other layers. I'm going home today for Easter Weekend and although I was just home a week and a half it still feels so good that I'll get to see my family and Derek again.

I'm not going to lie and say being in a long distance relationship is easy because at times I get so frustrated I second guess everything for a moment but then as soon as we see each other, I wish I never even had those thoughts for a second. Derek and I are planning (nothing official!) for him to move to Philadelphia next summer so we would be living together for my senior year of college. Even though this all isn't happening quickly it still feels like we were sixteen at homecoming together and it all feels so crazy. Also, Thompson Square's new album just came out and if you don't buy the whole thing (which you really should because it's incredible) at least listen to "Can't Outrun You" (which gives me absolute chills) and "Here We Go Again".


  1. I also love when you find an item in the sale and it ends up being one of your most used pieces, makes me so happy. Each outfit you've worn the little blue cardigan in is gorgeous, great buy! xx

  2. I love all these looks but especially the warmer days one! Great post! xx

  3. Cardigans are great all year round. I always try to stock up in the sales. Love your orange hearts dress.

    Radha xoxo

  4. yay for those items of clothing that never go out of season or style!

  5. You're so pretty and I just love the dresses on you.


  6. I love a super versatile piece :)

    I'm having a giveaway: if you want to enter :)

  7. hello, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award


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