Rachel Antonoff at Madewell


Have you ever seen a line of clothing where you wanted every single piece? Yeah, you know the feeling. And you know the feeling when you know you could never afford one single piece? You probably know that feeling as well, and it kind of sucks. Haha. On a good note, can we all just take a second (or hour..) to admire Rachel Antonoff at Madewell for these beautiful four dresses? Which is your favorite? I'm loving the sheer "jack combo" dress. 

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Fall in Philly, Year 2


H&M Dress, Target Tights, Target Sweater, Liz Baker shoes, Vintage Necklace

These pictures pretty much sum up my Friday and Fall in Philly in general. It's hard to think about how perfect and Fall-like the weather was before all of this hurricane-craziness now that I've been basically trapped in my home in North Philadelphia. Friday, Nadia and I rode our bikes to center city and walked around after a stop at La Colombe for our possibly, last iced coffee of the season. After walking around and taking pictures around Rittenhouse we made our way to East Philly to see a movie at the Ritz, that movie being "Perks of Being a Wallflower". The movie was perfection and so emotional. I definitely recommend this to anybody. 
You can see my "Fall in Philly" with Nadia from last October, HERE

Hope you all are staying safe and warm, my thoughts and prayers go out to those being affected by Hurricane Sandy

Glow of the Pavement


 Shirt: American Eagle, Skirt: American Eagle, Shoes: Vintage ($2!)

These pictures were taken more during "Indian Summer" than Fall as you can tell how by how green the grass. I truly love Fall but I'm already missing the days where I could run out the door without bundling up. I wore this on one of the best dates I've ever been on with Derek about a month and a half ago, I'll be sharing the pictures from the date later this week. For dates, I always opt for girly and feminine. I love wearing a cute floral dress or skirt and pairing it with lightly curled hair and pretty pink lipstick.

Meeting The Sartorialist


Recognize these pictures? They are two of my favorite new photos on Scott Shuman's blog "The Sartorialist". The blogger/photographer I got to meet recently during his book signing in Philadelphia! He was right on the parkway making it super easy for me and my friends to get there by walking from center city. I was so starstruck I only was able to mutter a few words about me being a big fan of his work and answering him when he asked what I was studying at school. Definitely a great experience! 

My friends and I outside, beforehand, taking pictures and joking around

At the event

That's Who I Am


Top: H&M, Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Relativity, Cardigan: Forever 21, Sunglasses: Olsenboye 

One of my favorite things about fashion is that we basically get to play dress up everyday of our lives. We create our own image, we pick specific pieces and choose to do our hair and make-up the way we want to present ourselves with this idea that what we put on represents ourselves and our taste. I like to think that parts of my personality show through my style. I try to never stray from anything too modest. Now, I'm not going to obviously cover myself in long pants and long sleeves all the times but it's important to me to look well put together and not, well, half-naked. I've never been a wild teenager, that's just not who I am. I'm not the type of person to throw in curse words every sentence, or go crazy and get drunk or even make reckless decisions in general. There's nothing wrong with people who decide to do those things, but I just like the idea that part of me, and who I am as a person, shines through a small part of my style. Because, isn't that what personal style is all about? Expressing who we are before somebody gets the chance to really know us.

Celeb Style: Taylor Swift


Lately I have been seeing so many classic and timeless pieces. When I went home two weeks ago my mom and I took a shopping trip to Forever 21 and I was amazed by the amount of knee length skirts, long sleeves with buttons at the end and collared tops. As you all pretty much know, I am such a huge Taylor Swift fan and I love how she's been channeling timeless pieces lately (maybe it's the Jackie Kennedy obsession?). With her new album, RED, releasing next week, I thought I'd celebrate by posting a few of my favorite outfits she's been out in lately. Just like I did with the Speak Now CD Release


Let me know, is there a specific celebrity you look up to when it comes to fashion?

Floral in Fall


Dress: Ark & Co, Shoes: Relativity, Belt: Forever 21

The dress that you guys saw in my previous post is one of my favorites that I've found thrifting and for only $25! The dress is a "Ark & Co" dress and it is so perfect for any season! I was able to get away with wearing no tights only last week but after the chilly weather this weekend I think next time I wear this, I'll have to throw on a pair of tights. I love that all of the little colors in it give me room to get creative with what color tights I'll choose. Unless the colors are super bright and bold, sometimes floral pieces can be a great transition piece between seasons. 
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