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Meeting The Sartorialist

Recognize these pictures? They are two of my favorite new photos on Scott Shuman's blog "The Sartorialist". The blogger/photographer I got to meet recently during his book signing in Philadelphia! He was right on the parkway making it super easy for me and my friends to get there by walking from center city. I was so starstruck I only was able to mutter a few words about me being a big fan of his work and answering him when he asked what I was studying at school. Definitely a great experience! 

My friends and I outside, beforehand, taking pictures and joking around

At the event


  1. Oh, that's so cool, he's hooot :D

  2. That's amazing!
    Lucky you, dear <3

  3. AHH! That's amazing! I'd be a muttering blob of a person, too, so I can't blame ya.

  4. Amazing! I love his blog, especially the vintage features. Lucky girl!

  5. Anonymous10/22/2012

    Wow, I'm SO jealous! And you look gorgeous in your photo with him which is a bonus :)
    Following you xx


  6. Wow, it's so exciting :-)

  7. SO jealous! I LOVE him!!!!!


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