Fall in Philly, Year 2

H&M Dress, Target Tights, Target Sweater, Liz Baker shoes, Vintage Necklace

These pictures pretty much sum up my Friday and Fall in Philly in general. It's hard to think about how perfect and Fall-like the weather was before all of this hurricane-craziness now that I've been basically trapped in my home in North Philadelphia. Friday, Nadia and I rode our bikes to center city and walked around after a stop at La Colombe for our possibly, last iced coffee of the season. After walking around and taking pictures around Rittenhouse we made our way to East Philly to see a movie at the Ritz, that movie being "Perks of Being a Wallflower". The movie was perfection and so emotional. I definitely recommend this to anybody. 
You can see my "Fall in Philly" with Nadia from last October, HERE

Hope you all are staying safe and warm, my thoughts and prayers go out to those being affected by Hurricane Sandy