Painting Date


Derek and I haven't spent much time together other than at night when we're both done with work or when he doesn't have school the next morning since he goes all year. About two weeks ago we both finally had an entire day to spend together so we went on a date inspired by Natalie of Dear Mom. With me getting my own house, but not real back yard in Philly. We decided to plant some cute plants that I could store inside my house, in a pot painted by the both of us. With Derek being the art student, he obviously painted the sunflower while I stuck to the polka-dots. 

What are some fun date ideas that you want to try or have tried out?

Ocean City Part 2


I can't believe it's been nearly three weeks since I was at the beach with my parents and siblings. In case you missed it, here's Part 1. I actually just got back from Ocean City again the other day for a second trip and had a great time but these pictures are from the first trip a few weeks back. We spent a good part of our night riding on the boardwalk rides as you can tell above. Today we ordered a new bed for my new house in Philly, just another reminder that the summer is coming to an end. 

Macklin's Cupcakes


Of course. After I move away from York and go to Philadelphia, two new cupcake bakeries and frozen yogurt places were put here. Two things that were never around the entire 7 years I lived in York. Oh well, at least that will mean that there will be some fun places to get dessert whenever I'm home visiting, which will probably be a lot. My mom and I checked out Macklin's Cupcakes first and it was delicious! I enjoyed the chocolate peanut butter cupcake while she got one of the specials, a key lime pie cupcake. 

Are there any places you like to enjoy for dessert or a sweet snack around your home? 

Valentino Resort 2013


As soon as I saw this collection, I fell in love. I want almost every piece in the Valentino Resort collection for 2013 and that doesn't happen much when it comes to runway clothing. The nipped waists are one of my favorite features about this collection, as well as the princess-y element of tulle and flared skirts. I love the inspired menswear-look for the evening pieces. I feel like there's just enough sheerness added to the pantsuit outfits to bring in the feminine appeal. What collection are you currently lusting over?

Summer Dusk


Top: H&M, Shorts: Gap, Sunglasses: Olsenboye, Bracelet: Christmas gift from Mom, Wedges: Ak Anne Klein
Oh hey! I'm back after a relaxing and fun weekend since I'm feeling better after my wisdom teeth removal. I'm not going to lie, things seem to be spinning out of control between preparing to head back to school, a second beach trip, work and my side job as a tennis coach. Although I shouldn't complain because I'm so thankful for all of the opportunities I have coming my way. I can't believe how HOT it's getting, a second heat wave is definitely hitting the East Coast right now so I have lots of sleeveless tanks and printed shorts and skirts ready to wear for the rest of the summer. I'm also loading up on cute, retro-inspired sunnies for a cool look. Lately I can't get enough of mixing and matching modern and vintage pieces. By the way, I bought these wedges yesterday and I seriously am obsessed. They are probably the comfiest wedges I own and they were on sale for only $25 from $100, win and win. 
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