Fashionably Late


Sweater: Unknown, Trousers: Strawberry, Hat: Charlotte Russe, Oxfords: Liz Baker
This was one of my last few outfit shots from Winter Break! Haha. Only about two and a half months late. Lately that's how everything has been, i really need to get back on track with things. Luckily today me and my friends had a meeting about our house for next year and so far everything is going great! I'm really excited about the future, I just need to get more familiar with the term punctuality. Haha. Anyways, this was the first pair of trousers I got and I bought them for only $7 since I wanted to get a "test" pair. I really want to invest in a better pair! It's such a nice difference from jeans. I will have to keep a look out for a few pairs on sale this summer for Fall 2012.

PS: This was before I got my much needed haircut. 



One of my new favorite places in Philadelphia is "Capogiro", evidently it has been named the best gelato place in the world...and they might be right. I went a few months ago and luckily when I went the guy working let me and Nadia have tons of free samples before finally choosing which two flavors to get. I went with "hazelnut" and "mexican chocolate" which ended up being a great combination. With the warm weather that we are having lately, next time I go I plan on getting two fruit flavors. Does anybody have any suggestions? 

Belle Michelle


I know that this editorial featuring Michelle Williams is a little over a year old but it still makes me so excited for this Spring weather! I love the shades of pink clothing and the pink lipstick, it all works so well with Michelle's bleach blonde cut. This shoot is the perfect mix of feminine, light and natural. Three perfect terms when it comes to this years Spring look.

PS-Have any of you seen "My Week with Marilyn"? INCREDIBLE movie!

Weekends in Philly


This weekend went by way too quickly, as they always do. Friday I spent some time in La Colombe with my friends pretending to do homework when we were really people watching the whole time. Also, since Friday was so beautiful (and 83 degrees!) we took a stroll through Rittenhouse Square and saw all of the trees blooming. And then yesterday I went to the Art Museum for the first time! There were so many people running up the steps that Rocky ran up. It was a dreary day so going to our friend, Meaghan's, apartment for tea and snacks was a perfect ending to the day. And then I finished off the night watching "Eat Pray Love" with a friend and eating salt and pepper popcorn. Definitely the kind of weekend I needed. The last thing on the agenda for the weekend is yoga in center city and laundry. At least I can look forward to one of those things. 

Red Denim


Shirt: H&M, Pants: Thrifted from "Buffalo Exchange", Shoes: Xhileration
I can feel summer coming closer and closer! I hate how the weather is teasing us with super warm days and then falling back into the 60's. I'm ready for shorts and sandals. This is one of my favorite Spring outfits. It's perfect for days that are too cold to bare legs but warm enough to go without a sweater. I ended up wearing this twice over Spring break, something I never do. Today was too warm for this outfit, and I was able to enjoy the day with iced coffee at La Colombe and two of my best friends. As excited as I am for summer, i'm really going to miss spending so much time in the city. Maybe rural Pennsylvania will be fun, though, right? I can wish.  

When You Got a Good Thing


 I swear, when I'm home it seems as if Derek and I try to take enough pictures of each other to make up for the time that we don't see each other. Sometimes it is still hard for me to grasp the fact that we go weeks without seeing each other while in high school we saw each other continuously throughout the day. It was so nice spending most days of my spring break with Derek and going on little dates that I missed so much, like going to the movies (we saw "The Vow"!), chick-fil-a (don't judge), the lake and Mac's. We went on a date to the lake on what seemed like a beautiful day until we got there, it turned cloudy quickly but I didn't mind because I love the way it feels before it rains, but it did get chilly quickly. It's been 8 days since I've seen Derek last. 18 more to go.
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