Weekends in Philly

This weekend went by way too quickly, as they always do. Friday I spent some time in La Colombe with my friends pretending to do homework when we were really people watching the whole time. Also, since Friday was so beautiful (and 83 degrees!) we took a stroll through Rittenhouse Square and saw all of the trees blooming. And then yesterday I went to the Art Museum for the first time! There were so many people running up the steps that Rocky ran up. It was a dreary day so going to our friend, Meaghan's, apartment for tea and snacks was a perfect ending to the day. And then I finished off the night watching "Eat Pray Love" with a friend and eating salt and pepper popcorn. Definitely the kind of weekend I needed. The last thing on the agenda for the weekend is yoga in center city and laundry. At least I can look forward to one of those things.