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I move to Philadelphia in two weeks from today. This is so unbelievably overwhelming. I haven't even started to pack yet and I just now made my list of what I need to's a very long list. So far all I have bought is my bed set, a laundry basket and a blanket. Lately the fact that I'm going to be moving away from Derek is driving me insane. He's been on vacation for only 4 days and I miss him so much, I can't imagine what it's going to be like after I move two hours away from him. I'm only going to be home every 5 or 6 weeks. This summer has been so incredible with him. Go here and here to see more of our summer together.

Making Derek take outfit photos of me

Graduation Parties with our friends

Hiking together

Spending time with each other's family

Date Nights

Meeting Derek's cute new kitten!

The presents Derek got me before he left for Florida. Isn't the mug so thoughtful? Haha

Derek actually wearing the H&M shirt I got him!


  1. As an optImist I would like to share with you that when I moved away for school, and over committing myself to an after school job and student council left very rare moments when we actually got to see each other but it did make us appreciate each other that much more!

    Hope that helps!

  2. I cried when I went to college and it was in the same town I lived in! It is very overwhelming and scary to move away from home the first time and leave a boyfriend. The excitement of college will help some, hopefully.

  3. I also can't take being with my man. I've tried being away from him for two months and it almost killed me. I just want to be with him ALL THE TIME. I hope you can still find time to be with your man again.

  4. I'm sure you guys will be ok, as long as you schedule things out! My friends who have been in college for a bit always tell me that planning is paramount when trying to maintain relationships with people from their hometown.

    I was unfortunate in the fact that I was seeing a guy who went to college 4 hours away and he was too swamped with school to ever visit, so eventually things fell apart.

    So I guess, just plan, plan, plan!

  5. You guys are going to be together foreverrrr! ha so cute :) and long distance is super hard but definitely worth it when you see them every.single.time. I've been long distance for a year and half with Mr. Charming now and only seen him a handful of times for maybe 2 days at the most each time. You guys are both strong and love each other so much that you can definitely handle this :D

  6. philly is so exciting!!! i've never been there, but i'm going to visit my roommate that moved up there early this summer. it seems like a super cool place. (: you'll do great!

  7. i've been in your exact shoes before, and try not to worry! in all honesty, i feel like long-distance makes the relationship stronger. as long as both of you are super dedicated to making it work and planning visits, it will be fine! and you can always text/call/skype every day! my high school boyfriend and i dated two years before we moved two hours away from each other for college, and even though it was hard, it was so fun to plan special dates and surprise visits! it definitely keeps you from taking things for granted!

  8. You are so darn cute. But, I think you'll have a great adventure in college. And I speak from experience saying that long-distance relationships are very hard but very worth it. You may not get to see him every day but I'm sure you'll talk to him every day and that makes your bond stronger than normal. It's scary but it will work out!

  9. You both look like such a sweet,loving couple. LOve is so beautiful and strong,but Im sure you'll both be fine with a long distance relationship,makes you appreciate each other even more x
    Im in a 6 year relationship,and we've barely spent more than a few days apart,until I had to go to Berlin for a uni trip! It killed me,but life is about taking oppurtunities.Good luck with College,sounds like its going to be amazing x
    Hope you have a lovely day <3

  10. Me and The Big One did 4 years long distance, it was so hard but it made us so strong and really committed to our relationship. 12 years together now! Enjoy your time at college, it will be amazing if you embrace it.

  11. Hi Chelsea, thanks so much for the book suggestions! I have heard Jane Eyre is hard to get into, and I have heard that it is hard to put down! So, I am confused. I want to give it a try in the near future. I loooove Pride and Prejudice. Also, have heard good things about Water for Elephants. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I have never been to Philly, but I know so many people who grew up there and have such fond feelings for it. It isn't too far from me and I would like to visit soon! College is the greatest thing ever, btw! (In my humlbe opinion :-D)


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