The January Edit

January Edit

Is it too early to shop for spring? I kept gravitating towards lavenders and yellows originally but decided it's just too soon, at least for me. It's so cold and dreary here in Philly and I doubt we've seen the worst of winter yet. Plus, there are quite a few winter finds I'm still feeling. Think black turtlenecks (shocker), maroon skirts with fun zip details, metallic booties (NEED), a scarf that could essentially be a blanket and a pair of chunky black boots and, of course, I can' forget a pair of racer striped riding pants (that are on super sale!!) and a striped turtleneck tee. I found myself inspired from a trip to Paris that I took in January 2017 for this edit. I've been to Paris during just about every season but there's something so quiet and magical about it in the middle of winter.  Maybe it's because the first time I ever went to Paris was in February with my boyfriend, Derek, for "spring" break. (Yes, spring break was in February). I could just imagine myself - walking around Marais in the maroon skirt below, an oversized sweater and the chunky boots with a pair of sheer tights, heading out to a cafe to catch up on reading and sip a cafĂ© au lait and indulging on a buttery croissant. A girl can dream, right? What are you feeling inspired by this month?

PS: Speaking of Paris, look out for a post on Versailles this Friday!

PS x2: The Paris photos are from this post.