Ten Favorite Albums of 2017

I always love looking back at what my favorite music was for the last few months at the end of a year. My taste in music has shifted significantly the last few years, I used to listen to country music about 99% of the time and now I find myself mostly listening to pop music that's inspired by 80's synth pop sounds and a mix of other things.  I rarely find myself sticking to one single genre and I'm already looking forward to what 2018 brings!

Here were my top ten favorite albums released in 2017. What were your favorites? 

10. Ten Years - Aly & AJ
I couldn't resist! My twelve year old self was so happy to hear that Aly and Aj was back - and with a much more mature (but still super fun) sound. Plus, you all know I'm a sucker for the 80's pop vibe in music.
Top Three Songs: I Know, Promises, Take Me 

9. Wonderful Wonderful - The Killers
I still haven't listened to this album in it's entirety but there are a few songs that haven't left my playlist in months. This album definitely has a bit more of a "pop-iness" (is that a word?) to it than their past albums. 

8. Evolve - Imagine Dragons
I'm not scared to admit I was looking forward to their newest album! I remember loving their first album but wasn't super into the second one. I'm hooked on this one. Especially with pick-me-up songs like Thunder and Believer.
Top Three Songs: Believer, Walking the Wire, Thunder 

7. Masseduction - St. Vincent
You guys. I'm ashamed to admit I just started to listen to St. Vincent. Where have I been? I'm obsessed with the electro-pop sound and all the quirky and smart lyrics. I can't get enough of this album (or the past ones!). 
6. Unapologetically - Kelsea Ballerini
This is the only country album that made it into my top 10 this year. And this would probably be more described as pop-country. So even if country music isn't necessarily your thing I would give this album a try!
Top Three Songs:  In BetweenEnd of the WorldRoses

5. Gone Now - Bleachers
Another artist I just started to listen to. (Where the hell have I been!?) Again with those 80's synth pop sounds - I just can't quit it! Love this album in all of it's weird pop glory.

4. Melodrama - Lorde
I was so excited for this album to come out! I LOVED Lorde's debut album, Heroine. I was worried her new music would lose it's uniqueness after all of the success that Heroine had but instead I felt like her sound was enhanced. 
Top Three Songs: The Louvre, Perfect Places, Supercut

3. Somewhere in Between - VÉRITÉ
VÉRITÉ is one of my new favorites. I saw her live in Philly this past summer and she is so good live! I'm obsessed with every single song on the album and I can't wait to see how far the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter goes. 

2. Divide - Ed Sheeran
My favorite British pop singer! I've loved his music since he first released his debut album so it's been fun to see his career continue to grow. Divide has been on repeat since it came out. Plus, I was obsessed with his song Barcelona before heading to Barcelona myself this summer!

1. Reputation - Taylor Swift
I know, I know - what a surprise! I'm pretty sure that nobody is shocked that this was my favorite album from 2017. I waited three years for this to come out! I can't get enough of the darker (and more grown up) spin that Taylor Swift took on her music. Plus, the lyrics are just SO good.
Top Three Songs: New Year's Day, Call It What You Want, Don't Blame Me (See my top 9 faves HERE)