A Day in Manhattan

Before the Christmas rush, last month Derek and I took the Megabus to NYC all day. I absolutely love how easy it is to get from Philly to New York. It's no secret how badly I want to live in NYC, a dream I plan on pursuing within the next two years, but for now, it's great to get on the bus and be there within two hours. We didn't have any true plans for the day, we just planned on going to brunch and then walking around and seeing where the day would take us. 

Initially, we were going to reserve a table at Sarabeth's in Tribeca but we decided to try somewhere new and put a reservation in for Bluebell Cafe and was hooked right away. The wine bar filled with knick knacks and wooden furniture was cozy and the food was delicious. I went with the lox Benedict with a side if fries that had chopped peppers and onions mixed into them - yum! For after brunch dessert (we're just going to pretend like that's a thing) we made our way to Milk Bar where I got the pumpkin pie milkshake. It was a late October day but of course we went on a day where it just did not feel like fall at all. We're talking 75 degrees and sunny, it may have been nearly November but it felt like a September afternoon.  Nonetheless, we walked around Central Park taking in the sights of the fall foliage and tried to feel the briskness that fall brings. We did a little bit of shopping and a lot of pizza eating later in the day - it was the perfect day to spend in NYC.