Friday Film Favorite: Brooklyn

Friday Film Favorite: Brooklyn | Organized Mess Brooklyn

Last week Derek and I went out on a movie date and saw the film, "Brooklyn" featuring Saoirse Ronan. I had seen a preview online a few months ago and have been wanting to see it since then so I was thrilled when I had a Saturday off and we started our day with brunch before heading to the Ritz. Based in the 1950's, Ronan plays an Irish immigrant who has moved to Brooklyn, New York.  The film is based in both the county side of Ireland and in the city borough of Brooklyn, which created a beautiful cinematic dynamic. Ronan's character Eilis, leaves the boat in which she felt extreme seasickness and moves to America with great homesickness. She stays in a boarding home with a shrewish and sharp-tongued landlady and few other women who are nearly the complete opposite of Eilis. Outside of her job at a department store she takes on night classes and falls in love with an Italian man. Brooklyn finally feels like home, until she has to travel back to Ireland because of a family emergency. There, she meets another man and is faced with the dilemma of trying to figure out what home truly is and means.

One of my favorite aspects of this film was the wardrobe. I'm such a sucker for any film based in the 1950's because of how people used to dress during that decade. Watching Eilis in her new circumstances during the film was a fun transition, not only when it came to her personality but her clothing as well. While she's in Ireland at the beginning of the  film, her wardrobe is very limited. In fact, the entirety of her closet fits into a single suitcase that she packs for her journey to America. She starts out wearing simple colors and silhouettes and as her life truly begins in America fun colors and prints start to be developed within her wardrobe. Her romance with Tony was essentially the peak of her outfit choices because brighter colors, different fabrics and fun patterns start to take over her clothing choices as her character progressed into American life. If you love a timeless love story, clever writing and visually appealing films I highly recommend that you go see Brooklyn when you get the opportunity.
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