A Look Back: November 2015

Another month down, and it's suddenly the end of the year! Remind me again how 2015 flew by so quickly? If there's anything left on the your list of goals for the year, you now have about 26 days to do it. I don't have time to think about anything other than getting last minute Christmas presents, work and other regular life responsibilities. Here's a look back at what November was like - 
What I WorePlaid Shirt Days
What I Listened To
Photo: mytuner
Emmylou - Vance Joy 
Stubborn Love - The Lumineers 
Poison & Wine - The Civil Wars
Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars
Underage - Kelsea Ballerini
I Don't Want This Night to End - Luke Bryan
Break Up in a Small Town - Sam Hunt
Where It All Begins - Hunter Hayes feat. Lady Antebellum
4 Carats - Kelly Clarkson
Mistletoe - Colbie Caillat
Christmases When You Were Mine - Taylor Swift
Last Christmas - Taylor Swift
What I ReadDrop what you are doing and go read this right now. You might hate it, but if you love it - it's worth every second reading it. I needed to read something that would feed my creativity and wake me up a little bit. When you're living a day-to-day life, it's so easy to want to forget about creativity. And a life without creativity is a life I have no interest in leading, so this book has helped push me in the right direction. Elizabeth Gilbert is incredibly honest in the book, sharing her own creative process and how to appreciate your own kind of creativity that you have to offer. Overall, this is a book on how to be happy and how to live a creative life without letting negativity affect you. There were a lot of great quotes within the book, one of them being..."Be the weirdo who dares to enjoy." I wish I could blow up the pages, share every quote and shout each line to every person but I can't. So please - go read the book.
What I Did1. Yummy treats on my break from Metropolitan bakery. My cat change purse in hand. 2. Franklin Fountain dates with Derek - I got pumpkin ice cream with whipped cream and it was heavenly. 3. A trip home means I get to see my cat, Pumpkin! 4. Girl nights at my apartment - complete with polaroid photos being snapped. 5 - 7. A Cape May day trip with Derek! 8. Brunch dates at Green Eggs with friends (maybe 3 in the last month...). 9. Derek surprised me with hot cocoa + marshmallows after I had a closing shift. 10. And then he brought me my favorite latte to work. 11. Philly sunsets. 12. Rainy, lovely days. 13. Got to hold this affectionate pug. 14. Thanksgiving - our 7th one together! 15. Enjoying a quiet walk around my neighborhood. 16. Derek and I put up our Christmas tree (pictures to come)! Our first Christmas living together, yay!

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