Valentine's Day Weekend

I know it's been forever, again. I have been horrible at keeping up with blogging! I'm in the middle of getting my application process done for the London study abroad program and trying to figure out where to find scholarships. Also, this is my last week of school before Spring Break (I know, we have an insanely early Spring break this semester) and things are piling up quickly. AND. I may or may not have bought a ticket to LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. My best friend/usual room-mate is spending her semester away there so I figured I might as well go visit her during Spring Break, right? This will be my first time on a plane and I'm super nervous about it, but it's going to be so worth it. I'll be excited to get away from this never-ending winter for 5 days. 

Anyways, onto other news, earlier this month was mine and Derek's 5th Valentine's Day together. It's crazy how fast time is flying. In April it will be our 5-year anniversary! It was such a romantic night, we took a trip to Whole Foods and then we came back to my apartment and he cooked me "bistro chicken" with mashed potatoes and green beans, and then made "hot chocolate shots" for dessert. I am currently suffering from runner's knee to the point where walking has become a struggle so we stayed in most of the weekend, watching movies and being glad to see each other for the first time in weeks. Then, Sunday we got brunch where I had thin mint french toast (OMG) and then we went to PAFA for their free Sunday exhibit. 

Here's a few instagram shots from the weekend, I was obviously too lazy to pull out my camera. I blame it on the runner's knee. 

Valentine's Day Weekend | Organized Mess
Valentine's Day Weekend | Organized Mess
The roses Derek got me, our dinner, hot chocolate shots, selfie (of course), looking through the new Glamour wearing the new bracelet Derek got me, the card I got Derek, thin mint french toast, PAFA