How to Style Trousers Casually

Top: Francesca's, Trousers: H&M, Heels: Target, Necklace: Calico

I don't know how many of you listen to country music, but, man oh man, is it my life. I try to listen to a little bit of everything but country music will always have such a strong place in my heart. One of the newer women of country, Kacey Musgraves is my new favorite. I bought her album at Target a few weeks ago and I've been playing it on repeat. One of the songs, "Follow Your Arrow" is one of my favorites, she points out that no matter what you do, someone's always going to judge you so you might as well be whatever you want and love who you love because we only live once. You can listen to the song HERE

After living in Philadelphia for the last 2 school years I'm realizing that I could never do this permanent small town living thing. I've been so bored and the days are much too slow. At first I thought it would be nice, having a slow and relaxing summer but I'm ready to go back to Philadelphia and I have, oh, just about a month and a half to go. Plus, having people stare at my feet (thanks to the heels) no matter where I go around here is starting to get old. And sure, my feelings were hurt when an older lady asked me if I felt silly where my "big shoes" just to grocery shop in, but at least I have enough confidence in myself to keep wearing my heels for no-good reason other than I feel like it. 

Even though I have to wait a few weeks to go back to Philadelphia it feels good knowing I found a style of living that's right for me. I love using public transportation and being surrounded by tons of people. There is just too much space here in York, oh and I have to drive here, which I absolutely can't stand. Never really got into the whole driving thing. Just not for me I guess. 

Which do you prefer, rural, suburbs or the city?