Modcloth Gift Guide, Part 2

I hope you all found part 1 of my Modcloth gift guide helpful. Today's gift guide is for your super girly friends. Maybe she's well-known to be a girly girl, always looking prim and proper. Or maybe she's that girly girl who is known to be obsessed with cats, we all have that one friend, admit it. Or she could be the kind of girl hwo spends her Saturday mornings at the flea market, looking for little treasures between the rows of what some would call, junk. She could also be the girl with the super sweet tooth, who always has cupcakes waiting for you everytime you join her for a weekday evening after a long day. 
Gifts for: Girly Girl

Gifts for: Vintage Obsessed

Gifts For: The Cat Lover

Gifts for: The Baker