Christmas Dress Ideas

Christmas Dress: Deep Hues

Christmas Dress: Pretty Lace

Christmas Dress: Ditsy Prints

Christmas Dress: Chiffon Shift Dresses

Christmas Dress: Little Black Dresses

So, right now I'm in the super dilemma of trying to pick the perfect dress to wear on Christmas. Right now I'm between all of these dresses from modcloth and ruche. So far I'm leaning towards the pink lace one, although I'm super obsessed with the red lace one I'm not sure if I'll be able to wear it out casually afterwords. I really want to pick one that I can dress up for Christmas but then dress down afterwards since we're just having a casual Christmas at my house. 

Which would you choose? 
Right now I'm between the berry dress in "deep hues" and pink lace dress!