Sweet Spot

It's my first week of classes and lately life has been feeling so disorganized. But I guess that's the normal way to feel being a sophomore in college, especially when I'm just starting classes pertaining to my major that I chose last minute last semester. Despite all of this constant business I love the stable relationships I have built with my parents, Derek and my friends here in Philly. My parents came to visit me last weekend for the day and it was nice seeing my mom, finally healthy once again after her terrible ordeal of gallstones and Pancreatitis. We visited the "Northern Liberties" section of Philly and found the cutest coffee shop called "The Sweet Spot" where I went a little red velvet crazy and got a red velvet latte as well as a red velvet cupcake. If you ever have the opportunity to get a red velvet latte, do it. So yummy!